Coffee Shops in Barcelona: How to Get Membership

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Barcelona coffee shops are private by law; they are quite different from Amsterdam’s coffee shops or Denver’s dispensaries. I get several hundred emails each month from people asking questions about the coffee shops in Barcelona, and it’s obvious that there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you’re looking to get a membership at a coffee shop in Barcelona, it’s important that you understand that you will be held to a higher standard as a member than at a public dispensary or coffeeshop. Therefore, you should commit these study points to memory so that – if you do become a member of a Barcelona coffee shop – you’ll be a valuable new member and not just a selfish turd that only cares about getting high.

How to Join a Coffee Shop in Barcelona, Spain

Membership card for Sweet Dreams coffee shop Barcelona

This is the author’s membership card from the Sweet Dreams private cannabis club in Barcelona, Spain. You must have your membership card present every time you enter a weed club in Barcelona.

*Barcelona Coffee Shops Are Private – you cannot just walk in and join. You need to be sponsored by a current member of the club, and you need to complete an application with that sponsor present (in most cases), and pay a registration fee. Sometimes there is a review and approval process. Act like a disinterested tourist or a rowdy party boy and you’ll probably be rejected. Bye!


(This is a preliminary application process valid as of 2018; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. This process is not meant to be promotional in any way, it is merely intended to properly direct the hundreds of unsolicited emails that I receive each week. Application for Barcelona cannabis club membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

*Coffee Shops in Barcelona Charge a Very Small Yearly Fee – usually around 25 to 50 Euro. If you don’t think that a few dozen Euro is worth it to have a beautiful, well appointed place to safely acquire and smoke some of the world’s best cannabis; to have a place to meet like-minded people without fear of persecution, and to have all of the benefits these clubs provide – game nights, pool tables, video games, weed tastings, free dinners, live music, free snacks, etc. – then you can pound sand up your ass and take your business back to the street.

Membership card for Green Age coffee shop in Barcelona Spain

The author’s membership card to the old Green Age club, which is still in operation as one of the oldest coffeeshops in Barcelona.

*Barcelona Coffee Shops Are Safe – Why do some of you write to me and ask me if the club I am considering sponsoring you at is safe? As if I am going to say; “No, it is a very dangerous club. You should not go to any coffee shops in Barcelona without being armed.” Of course they’re safe! All of the many coffee shops in Madrid, Barcelona, and anywhere else in Spain that I have been to are extremely safe and professional; just like nearly every other business you’ll enter in a day.

My wife is a dainty little thing and she’s as naive as a newborn titmouse, but I’d send her to any of the Barcelona cannabis clubs I frequent on her own, and wouldn’t think any more of it than if she had just left for the market.

Membership card for ABCDA coffee shop in Barcelona

This is the author’s membership card to ABCDA – one of the oldest coffeeshops in Barcelona. Now defunct, ABCDA produced some of the best marijuana in Barcelona, but eventually, police shut the club down permanently after raiding several grow operations based there.

*You Are Permitted to Take Up to 98 Grams From the Club Each Month, Maximum of 5 Grams Daily – You must reimburse the club for the marijuana products that you take. You are not buying anything. If you are a member, then you and everyone else shares the harvest and the expenses related to it. So when you go to a coffee shop in Barcelona, you are simply reimbursing the club’s treasury for your share of marijuana. You are not buying it. Remember this.

*Yes, You Can Take Weed Out of the Club – Everyone does. But keep this in mind: possession of marijuana in Barcelona is only permissible in private. You can use cannabis at home, or you can use it in the club. When you take marijuana products out of the clubs or coffee shops, you are at risk. If you are stopped by the authorities and they find your weed, they will take it and fine you. This is not a criminal offense, so don’t pee your pants. Instead, if you decide to take cannabis out of the club, place it in your undergarments and quickly take it home or to a private location. Don’t be the asshole that walks down La Rambla smoking a joint.

Membership card for Kush coffee shop in Barcelona

The author’s membership card for the infamous Kush cannabis club in Barcelona. Kush was closed repeatedly by authorities, but defiance on the part of the club’s management let it reopen year after year.

*You Will Need an Address in Spain and a Passport or NIE Card to Join a Coffee Shop in Barcelona – No, the club will not accept a photocopy, you must have the actual ID card present.  In most cases, you can use any valid passport, driver’s license, state or regional ID, visa with a photo, etc.  You must have this ID and your membership card present every time you enter a private coffee shop in Barcelona.

*If You Are Under 18, You Cannot Join – Sorry, it’s against the law. In fact, at many coffee shops, you cannot join if you are younger than 21 years old.  Each club has its own rules, but none can allow members who are under age 18.  In general, most cannabis clubs in Spain are reserved for members who are 21+.  This is especially true with cannabis clubs in Madrid, but Barcelona does have some 18+ clubs, so do your homework and ask about the age requirements  before you go through the process to attempt to join a coffeeshop in Barcelona.

Membership card for RDM coffee shop in Barcelona

The author’s membership card for RDM (Rincon de Maria) cannabis club in Barcelona. Years ago RDM was shut down by authorities for an extended period, but it has been open for 2 years now and is considered one of the strongest and most difficult-to-get-into coffeeshops in Barcelona.

*Most of Barcelona’s Coffee Shops Offer Medicinal-Grade Cured Flowers and at Least One or Two Concentrates or Value-Added Products like Hash, Wax, Shatter, Edibles, Oils, Candies, Creams, and so on – What each club offers changes approximately once every two weeks, and I don’t have time to keep track. So no, I cannot tell you what strains or products the club has available. I can only tell you that the clubs I am a member of always choose excellent, premium strains and produce some of the world’s best, freshest marijuana and other products.  Because product availability changes so often, it’s best to check with the club before you apply, and to understand that products can be sold out, discontinued, or unavailable at any time.

*You Can Join More Than One Coffee Shop in Barcelona – If you want, you can create an entire tour of coffee shops, provided you can get someone to sponsor you at each one.  Here are a few things to keep in mind about joining multiple cannabis social clubs in Barna (Barna is the nickname of Barcelona, not Barca.  Barca is the nickname for the city’s football [soccer] team);

*The process of joining one of Barcelona’s coffee shops generally requires anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes of your time.

*In most cases you can acquire and consume cannabis the same day you join.

Membership card for Jammin coffee shop in Barcelona

The author’s membership card to Jammin’ – a Rastafarian style Barcelona smoker’s club.

*Once you are a member, you cannot sponsor new members for a couple of weeks or more, depending on the club’s policies.

*If there is a large group of you visiting Barcelona, it is possible for all or most of your group to join and enjoy the club/s together. There is usually plenty of room, but if you have doubts, just send me an email and I will let you know.

*Finally, There Are No Such Things as Coffee Shops in Barcelona – They’re not called coffee shops at all!  No one here refers to the cannabis clubs in Barcelona as “coffeeshops,” except perhaps tourists who come from the Netherlands or the United Kingdom, where that is the term they have grown up with. All over Spain, these establishments are referred to as social clubs or associations. The only reason that I wrote this article using the terms “Barcelona coffee shop” and the like is because I noticed in my analytics and tracking software that the vast majority of people use Google to search for cannabis clubs in Barcelona using the term “coffee shops;” probably because that’s what most of the world has been hearing out of Amsterdam for the last forty years. So if you’re looking to become a member of a “coffee shop in Barcelona,” you should probably start by referring to these exceptional clubs by their proper terms:

Cannabis Club, Cannabis Association, Social Club, and, locally, Asociaciones de Cannabica.

You can also check out the following terrible video I made, which will give you a glimpse of what it’s like inside of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs:

Membership card for Smoke Green coffee shop in Barcelona

The author’s membership card to Smoke Green club in Barcelona.

Membership card for Alhambra coffeeshop in Barcelona

The author’s membership card to Alhambra, a Middle-Eastern style cannabis club in Barcelona that has been closed for several years now.


(This is a preliminary application process valid as of 2018; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

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