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Marijuana Strain Review: MK Ultra

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Marijuana Strain Review Rating for MK Ultra: 2 of 5 Stars

Doing this review of the MK Ultra marijuana strain wasn’t at all what I expected. Based on the fact that this weed is named after
MK Ultra Strain Review - in the baga nefarious government program that tested potent LSD on unsuspecting victims, I expected MK Ultra to be one badass marijuana strain. I’ve heard about this strain here and there and have seen it on sold-out menus from time to time, so when I became a member at the Smoke Green cannabis club in Barcelona and saw that they offered MK Ultra, I just had to snatch it up. Unfortunately, it seems like I held my breath for nothing, as MK Ultra is a disappointing strain.

MK Ultra: Look & Feel

This marijuana strain review of MK Ultra started out weakly and then just got worse. I got 2.4 grams of this weed, and all of it was crumbly shake and tiny little bits of buds. This brittle mess looked like a large pile of commercial mid-grade pot from afar, but up close I could see a fair amount of trichromes. However, based on my comparison of all of the other marijuana strains I’ve reviewed in Barcelona, MK Ultra had the lowest concentration of trichromes overall.

A pile of MK Ultra

The MK Ultra that I received was light- to khaki green with some light orange hairs. Despite the fact that I didn’t actually receive any buds, the crumbly stuff that I did get was moist and quite sticky; you could gently press your finger against some of it and it would stick even if you tried to shake it off.

Overall this marijuana looked disappointing even close-up, but the hype associated with this strain made me quite willing to overlook appearances.

MK Ultra: Taste & Smell

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In the raw state MK Ultra smells strongly of fresh cut grass that is slowly fermenting, with a hint of rich earth after a strong rain. When smoked it doesn’t taste like much, but there is a slight hint of bitter dark chocolate and caramel.

The first couple of hits left a sensation in my throat and back of my mouth like I needed to clear my sinuses, but this feeling disappeared with subsequent hits.

MK Ultra: Potency

After 2 hits from a nicely cleaned bong I felt the MK Ultra high begin in my upper eyelids and in a band on the top front of my head, just at and directly below the hairline. It was a mild high and it was overpowered by something that I wasn’t expecting; a nearly immediate headache.

My girlfriend also reviewed MK Ultra and began getting a headache after 2 hits. We both noted that although we felt mildly high, the headache was too noticeable to enjoy it.

By the fourth hit I was moderately high, with the focus of this high all in the upper half of my skull. The headache persisted and I began to regret smoking this weed.

MK Ultra marijuana strain and a couple of roses - AwwwwwMK Ultra: Duration

Both the headache and the moderate high lasted for barely 60 minutes before they had subsided to the point that I packed a fresh bong of Cinderella 99 in order to experience a high that I could actually enjoy.


Subsequent smoking sessions with MK Ultra resulted in the same short-duration high and annoying headache. I put this strain away in a drawer and will probably give it away or perhaps just throw it away, or maybe cook with it. The headache isn’t worth it. Of course, don’t get me wrong – I understand perfectly how the same strain can be radically different depending on how it is raised, processed, and whether it’s exposed to contaminants or not. Whatever the case was with this strain, the experience was poor enough that I’d never waste my time or money on the MK Ultra marijuana strain again.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for MK Ultra: 2 of 5 Stars


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6 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Review: MK Ultra

  1. Russ I saw a video interview with you on Facebook, and decided to check the site out. This was the first review I clicked on, and honestly this comment has peaked my interest and sparked my respect. Many people don’t put what you’ve said into account. I will be a steady follower of the site. Good on ya. Finally, a respectable and knowledgeable connoisseur.

  2. Best strain I ever smoked, you don’t k ow a thing about good strains, or you ve been told to write that shit of review about the amazing strain called MK Uktra by TH sends .
    Best Indica strain, a classic

    1. No one dictates what I write, George. But I suspect that it is YOU who does not know anything about strains. If you did, you would understand that the same seeds grown by different growers generally result in significantly different finished products. You’d also know that different curing methods can greatly affect nearly all qualities of cannabis. And of course you’d also know that marijuana strains affect everyone differently. But you clearly don’t know these things or you wouldn’t have written such an ignorant comment and posted it publicly for everyone to see…

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