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Review: Blue Magic Cannabis Club, Barcelona

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The newest cannabis club in Barcelona is Blue Magic. Opened just this past week, Blue Magic is likely to quickly make a name for itself among Barcelona’s cannabis social clubs. Located in the trendiest, hard-partying, night-clubbing beach part of the city, Blue Magic is far from the touristy areas of Las Ramblas and Placa Catalunya. Perfect to include as part of your night out on […]

6 Things Needed for membership at a Barcelona cannabis club

6 Things You Need for Membership at a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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Barcelona’s cannabis clubs are private, members-only social clubs organized legally as Associations under Spain’s Constitutional “Right to Association.” This means that getting a cannabis club membership isn’t as simple as walking in and paying a fee. In response to the hundreds of questions I get each week about club membership, this article details exactly what you need to get membership at a Barcelona cannabis club. […]

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Review of The Wave Cannabis Club, Barcelona

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The Wave is a brand-new Barcelona Cannabis Club located in the Selva del Mar area of the city; just a 3-minute walk from the beach and close to the Forum, where the now-infamous Primavera Sound festival is held each year. (Need to join a cannabis club for Primavera this year? The Wave is a great option!) Featuring a solid cannabis selection and a welcoming atmosphere […]

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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Circulo

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Circulo is one of Barcelona’s top private cannabis clubs. Located in the best neighborhood in the old part of Barcelona – El Born – Circulo has everything a cannabis connoisseur could want; perfect location, inviting atmosphere, excellent cannabis products, and accommodating staff. In fact, Circulo is this author’s home cannabis club in Barcelona – a base that many other local cannabis professionals and enthusiasts share. […]

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14 Barcelona Cannabis Club Insider Secrets

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This list of 14 Barcelona cannabis club insider secrets can help you make the most out of your membership at a private social club in Barcelona. Barcelona cannabis clubs are somewhat mysterious, but if you take the time to learn about these marijuana establishments, it’s easy to see that the Spanish model – and particularly the Barcelona model – is the best social club model in the world. However, this type of private cannabis association model is not without its share of secrets that only the most diligent club member is normally privy to – until this article. Read Full Article Here

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How to Behave as a Tourist in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is sick of tourists, but not necessarily of the money they bring to Spain’s second-biggest city. Thanks to the bad behavior of tourists in Barcelona, the city and other groups are expending considerable effort developing plans to curb tourism to the Catalonian capital by sharply increasing the costs incurred by touristic businesses and the visitors they serve. If you want to visit Barcelona but don’t want to engage in the kind of behavior that is invoking the ire of locals, the following 25 pointers will help you to positively represent your home country by making a great impression – or better yet, no impression at all – on the people in control of the destiny of Barcelona tourism. Read Full Article Here

Review of Creme de la Creme Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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If you’re looking for a no-frills bohemian style cannabis club near Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Crème de la Crème could be what you need. Located just off the Ramblas, in the middle of all the action of the city’s heart, Crème de la Crème cannabis club is a great place to meet interesting people and smoke good weed in the safety of a private legal social club. Read Full Club Review Here


Review of Club Fum Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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Cannabis clubs in Barcelona could take a few lessons from Club Fum; from custom bicycle parking stations to recycling programs for members to mini-theatre performances, Club Fum is setting itself apart as a leader among cannabis associations in the capital of Catalonia. And if you’re tired of smoking the same old thing at other Barcelona weed clubs, only Club Fum specializes exclusively in proprietary Italian strains and genetics. Read Full Club Review Here

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The Best Cannabis Club in Barcelona 2016

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The best cannabis club in Barcelona is one that most people are not familiar with. This article details the top 5 clubs in Catalonia’s capital city, which is currently home to around 175 private cannabis social clubs. The 5 Barcelona weed clubs featured in this article are not only the best of what the city had to offer in 2016, they’re also among the best cannabis establishments in the world. Read Full Article Here

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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Weeds BCN

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Weeds BCN is one of the finest and most unique cannabis clubs in Barcelona. With its stunning environment and diverse selection of marijuana products, this Barcelona weed club sets a new standard for originality. Able to cater to both recreational and medical marijuana users, Weeds BCN is one of the most complete cannabis social clubs in Barcelona. Read Full Club Review Here.

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Review of Asociacion Cultural Sativa Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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This review is for Asociacion Cultural Sativa (ACS) cannabis club in Barcelona. A friendly and inclusive place, ACS offers a comfortable setting, good weed and attentive staff. Located away from the hustle and bustle of Las Ramblas and Placa Catalunya and their legions of pasty tourists, ACS provides a safe place in Barcelona for its members to acquire and consume marijuana products in an area that boasts some of the city’s best attractions. Read Full Cannabis Club Review Here

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La Mesa Cannabis Club Goes Up in Smoke

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For a large part of the cannabis social club community in Barcelona, the end of an era has come. La Mesa cannabis club has gone through the final stages of a club that is being pressured out of existence by authorities; a shocking conviction after years in court, the refusal of new members, removal of all cannabis products, and now the final General Assembly of socios will be held and the club subsequently closed in the coming days. This article details the life and times of La Mesa cannabis club in an effort to help people understand what happened as we prepare to say goodbye to our friends and family on Carrer del Rec in El Borne. Read Full Story Here

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Review of Choko Cannabis Club in Barcelona

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Choko cannabis club in Barcelona is one of the most stunning and unique cannabis clubs in Spain. Well-known for their local-artist inspired décor, spacious areas to relax and work and an internationally-renowned staff, Choko has one thing that no other cannabis club in Barcelona has; its own genetics team. Club Choko has produced 3 proprietary strains including the soon-to-be-infamous Choko strain, which has won numerous awards and is this author’s personal and professional choice for Best Sativa in the World. With a club almost as impressive as their unique and potent cannabis strains, there just isn’t another private cannabis club in Catalonia that compares with this stunning association. Read Full Review Here

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Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona: NOT a Legal Loophole

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Contrary to popular belief, cannabis clubs in Barcelona do NOT exist as a legal loophole. They are bona fide private organizations and associations that operate based on foundational aspects of Spain’s Constitution. Unfortunately, because so many people misunderstand how cannabis clubs in Spain work, the general conception has been that the clubs exist merely as a legal loophole. This simply isn’t true, and my readers should be glad for this because the thing about loopholes is that they can be closed. Read Full Story Here

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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Dr. Dou

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Dr. Dou cannabis club in Barcelona Spain is one of the city’s newest and best private marijuana associations. As one of the most unique and interesting private cannabis clubs in Barcelona, Dr. Dou is difficult to categorize. If I had to describe it in a word, I’d choose “Speakeasy,” because that’s what it’s like; a 1930’s style upper class speakeasy managed and frequented by intelligent artist types without agendas. Boasting a convenient location and an excellent selection of marijuana sufficient enough to satisfy even the discerning cannabis connoisseur, Dr. Dou is one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Read Full Review Here

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Catalonia Parliament Passes Regulations for Cannabis Clubs

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Catalonia’s parliament took a symbolic step this fall by making regulations for cannabis clubs in the form of recommendations; but with no specific plan for implementation or enforcement. The initial proposal was laid out in June, but session talks stalled repeatedly and the resolution was not passed until early November. Meanwhile, police spent the summer investigating, raiding and ultimately closing more than 60 cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Read Full Story Here

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Catalonia Cannabis Club Crackdown Continues

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An undercover policeman sat in the hallway of the Dragon cannabis club in Barcelona recently, posing as a tourist. When a legitimate member of the club, who for the sake of this article we’ll call “Mr. Dean,” entered the hallway and pressed the intercom button for admittance to the interior of the club, the “tourist” suddenly stood up, identified himself as a police officer and proceeded to question, badger and threaten Mr. Dean, eventually telling him that Dragon was being shut down and that he would need to go to a different club. This is just part of the continued crackdown on cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Read Full Story Here

Barcelona Police: Give Us Your Weed

Barcelona Police: “Give Us Your Weed”

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“Give us your weed.” Those were the firm words of Barcelona police officers directed at two men who had just left one of the city’s now-infamous cannabis clubs this week. The men, one of whom is a Spanish resident and legitimate member of a local club, had just acquired a small amount of marijuana from a cannabis club near Las Ramblas. As they turned the corner and headed home, two plain-clothes police detectives flashed their badges and ordered the men to…Read Full Story Here

The Death of the Barcelona Cannabis Club

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The now-famous Barcelona cannabis club is being bludgeoned to death by the city’s council and lawmakers. In the last few days at least 49 cannabis clubs in Barcelona have been closed, and some have been shuttered forcefully by police after authorities encountered resistance from club owners. Armed with the political and practical upper hand, the latest round of attacks by authorities appears to be the beginning of the end for Barcelona’s cannabis clubs. Read Full Story Here