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Is it Legal to Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club?

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If you’re looking to join a Barcelona cannabis club, it might be a little confusing as to whether you can do so legally or not. This is especially true for foreigners and tourists, who often need to procure cannabis for therapeutic reasons while they are in Catalunya. Fortunately, the good news is that – as long as you meet certain requirements and follow the rules – you can legally join a Barcelona cannabis club and safely acquire what you need.

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How to Legally Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club

Joining a Barcelona cannabis club isn’t necessarily difficult if you meet the 6 basic requirements detailed below:

1. You Must be 18+ or 21+ (depends on the club)
2. Get a Sponsor to Refer You for Membership
3. Have Cash and Valid Identification
4. Attend an Inscription with Your Sponsor
5. Provide a Regular Residential Address for Registration
6. Assign the Club Rights to Grow & Agree to the Rules

Circulo cannabis club Barcelona Inscription Area
This is the new member inscription area at Circulo cannabis club in Barcelona. New members enjoy a swanky, super clean environment, fresh cucumber water, and extremely friendly staff when they join this Barcelona cannabis club.


This requirement is simple; some cannabis clubs in Barcelona allow new members who are age 18 or older, while most insist that members are at least age 21 before they can join the club. Make sure you only pursue membership at a Barcelona cannabis club where you meet the age requirements, as the clubs will not make an exception in this regard under any circumstances.


Barcelona’s cannabis clubs are 100% private – they are not open to the public. In fact, these social clubs are bound by Spanish law to be fully private. This means that new members can only join through a recommendation or referral of someone who is already a member in good standing. If you find a sponsor who agrees to refer you to the club, the usual practice is that your sponsor will setup an appointment for you to inscribe as a new member. Your sponsor will attend the inscription appointment with you. They’ll sign a document stating that they agree to sponsor you, and from there, the sponsor’s job is done.

In some cases, a current member may be able to sponsor you remotely, without being present, but in any case, sponsorship from an existing member is always required if the club you are considering joining operates within the law.

For everything you need to know about how Barcelona cannabis clubs work, please read the following article:

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Weeds BCN Entry Hallway
If you join Weeds BCN cannabis club in Barcelona, this is the hallway you’ll walk down to enter the inner part of the club, after you have successfully inscribed as a new member.


When you join a cannabis club in Barcelona, you’ll need to bring just two things with you to the inscription appointment; cash and/or credit/debit card to pay the yearly membership fee (some clubs only accept cash, make sure you ask before you join), and valid photographic government-issued identification such as a passport, driver’s license, state or regional ID card, visa, etc.

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Once you have obtained a sponsor and an inscription appointment, you’ll bring your ID card and cash to the club at the appointed time. Your sponsor will present you to the front desk staff and explain that they are sponsoring you for membership. You MUST be on time for this appointment – some clubs will force you to reschedule your inscription if you are late.

Inscriptions generally take 10 to 25 minutes to complete, depending on the club. Afterward you’ll be taken on a short tour of the club, then you’ll be allowed to use the club freely.

Join Club Fum cannabis club Barcelona
If you join Club FUM in Barcelona, you can expect posh places to relax, even while you’re inscribing as a new member.


When you join a Barcelona cannabis social club, you will need to present an address for registration purposes. Some clubs don’t care what address you use, but most will not allow you to use the address of a hotel or hostel. Instead, you’ll be asked for a regular residential address. This basically means any non-commercial address. AirBnb and similar addresses are fine, as well as any address for an apartment or house in Spain. In most cases, the club will not check your address, they will NEVER send mail to the address, and they do not require any type of proof of address or residency. In general, the clubs don’t care what address you use, as long as it’s residential. For more information about this requirement and other details needed to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, please read the following article:

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Other than having a sponsor present you in person, the most important part of the inscription process is when you assign the club the right to grow on your behalf. Because cannabis clubs in Barcelona are collectives, each club you join must get your express authorization to cultivate cannabis on your behalf. When you join a Barcelona cannabis club, you’ll fill out a form that authorizes the club to grow and/or produce marijuana products for you each month.

Typically, the way this is done is by stating a need for a certain number of grams per month. For instance, you might assign the club the right to grow 40 grams per month for you, if you feel that’s about how much you’d consume in a 30-day period. Or, perhaps you’re a heavier user and you need the maximum, which means you might assign the club the right to grow up to 100 grams per month for you.

Join Greenardo - The Best Barcelona Cannabis Club
If you want to join Greenardo cannabis club in Horta, Barcelona, you’ll need a sponsor to bring you in person to recommend you – no exceptions are made at this club!

Choose a cultivation authorization number that makes sense. If you won’t use the club very much, then state a small, reasonable number. Don’t say you need 100 grams per month if that’s not true – try to be accurate. And don’t be shy about needing the maximum if that’s what you require; once you sign the form, you won’t be able to change the amount listed, so make sure you choose wisely – if you write 40 grams and you take that much from the club halfway through the month, you won’t be able to acquire any more until the following month.


If you meet the requirements listed above and you follow the rules, then yes – it is legal to join a Barcelona cannabis club. This is true even if you are a foreigner or tourist – please read the following post I wrote that discusses this in detail:

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If you do meet the requirements and need a sponsor to join a Barcelona cannabis club, I may be able to help – just hit me up in the comments section below, send me an email to, or JOIN NOW.

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Join the Barcelona cannabis Club Chamaneria
After you join Chamaneria cannabis club in Barcelona, you can smoke a joint while hanging out on these cool swings.


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