What Happens When You Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

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This article details exactly what happens when you join a cannabis club in Barcelona, Spain. This includes everything that happens after you have obtained a sponsor and have arranged an appointment to join a Barcelona cannabis club. In most cases, the requirements are simple and easy to meet, but whether you are accepted for membership or not isn’t just about basic pre-requisites, so please read this article carefully to understand what will happen when you join a marijuana club in Barcelona, and how you should act to make the best impression possible.

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Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club: Pre-requisites

To be eligible to join a cannabis social club in Barcelona (or any other part of the country for that matter; the rules are generally the same throughout Spain), you must meet at least these basic requirements:

1. Be 18+ or 21+ years old, depending on the club
2. Possess a valid, photographic, government-issued identification card
3. Have a sponsor to refer you for membership

Item #1 is simple; some clubs allow new members who are 18+, but most require that prospective socios reach the age of 21 before they can join.

For Item #2, many different types of identification will work for your registration at the club; a visa, passport, driver’s license, state-issued ID card, and other types of ID may be used to signup as a new member.

Item #3 is perhaps the most important; you cannot join a private cannabis social club in Barcelona without getting a recommendation from someone who is already a member. In most cases, this “sponsor” must present you to the club in person.

The Marina and Beach in Barcelona Spain - Not Many Cannabis Clubs Near Here

Though among the most popular of tourist destinations in the city, there aren’t too many cannabis clubs in Barcelona that you can join in this area – most are concentrated in the city center, or Ciutat Vella.

Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club: Entering the Club

Assuming you meet the three basic requirements detailed above, you’ll want to make certain that you are prepared for your appointment to join the club. Generally, this appointment is arranged by your sponsor. Prior to arrival, ensure that you have a valid identification card present, and cash or a debit or credit card to pay the membership fee and to pay for any cannabis products you acquire.

Most clubs are not marked and instead feature nondescript doors. Typically, club entrance doors are frosted in white security glaze or paint, and feature an intercom or buzzer system for entry. You should approach the entrance quietly, and confirm that you are at the right location BEFORE you press the buzzer. Neighbors might cause problems for the club if their buzzers are inadvertently activated, instead of the buzzer for the club.

Once you press the buzzer, wait until you hear the unlocking mechanism click, then enter the club quietly. Your sponsor will present you to the front desk staff. If your sponsor is not present, approach the reception desk and tell the staff your name, and that you have an appointment. Have your identification ready, as staff will check to verify you have a referral or sponsorship from an existing member.

Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club: Your Sensitive Information

After you’ve identified yourself to the front desk staff, you’ll be invited to sit and wait in the reception area. Other inscribing members may join you for the appointment, so be patient. While you wait, club staff will enter the details listed on your identification into their computer system, which is used to track your shares taken from the club’s harvests and acquisitions.

Your identification will be photocopied or electronically scanned into the club’s database. This information is primarily used to prove that you are the person you say you are, and that you have a referral from an existing member. This data will also be used to create your club membership card. As staff will explain, if you are accepted for membership, you will be required to have your identification AND your club membership card present every time you enter the club.

The information collected will only be used by the club. It will never be sold, given away, provided to authorities, or used for any other purpose than to safely and accurately service your membership. You’ll never get mail from the club, and no one will ever know that you have joined the club, unless you tell them, or if they’re also members and they see you inside the club.

Passeig de Colom in Barcelona, Spain

Part of the palace, and, beyond it, the neighborhoods of El Gotico and El Borne, both of which are areas where you can join a cannabis club in Barcelona fairly easily.

Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club: Documentation & Agreement

During your registration at a cannabis social club in Barcelona, staff will explain the rules of the club to you, and have you fill out some limited documents. The rules at most clubs are the same, and are largely common sense:

*Enter and exit the club quietly
*Only consume cannabis in designated areas
*Transport the cannabis only in private areas (undergarments)
*No other drugs allowed
*No fighting, acting like an asshole, etc.

You’ll sign a form stating that you agree to obey the rules of the club. You will also provide the club with written authorization to cultivate or otherwise acquire cannabis products on your behalf. This document is an agreement between you and the club; you are asking the club to allow you access to their closed-circle network of members for the purpose of shared consumption. As a new member, you’ll need to give the club an idea of how much cannabis you need each month. This is almost always done by writing down the total number of grams of marijuana you think you will consume in a 30-day period. Most clubs limit members to around 100 grams per month, but some have larger limits, and some clubs have no limits. If this isn’t explained to you in sufficient detail during your inscription, make sure to specifically ask about the limits – many clubs have both monthly and daily limits.

The forms you fill out during the new member inscription are held privately by the club and will never be released to anyone, except perhaps in anonymized format in the event the club is ever taken to court.

Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club: Tour & Introductions

After the paperwork is completed, you’ll be issued a membership card and offered a tour of the club. Usually, tours are simple – most clubs are limited in size and scope, so the tour generally consists of an introduction to the staff and different areas of the club, and a more detailed introduction and explanation of policies at the club’s cannabis dispensary. After the tour, you’ll be turned loose as a full-fledged member of the club.

Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club: Exiting the Club

As mentioned previously, you should always enter and exit Barcelona’s cannabis clubs discreetly. If you are with several friends, consider exiting in groups of two, or at least waiting until you move away from the club entrance to talk or laugh or sing or belch. Not everyone in Catalunya is pleased to live near marijuana clubs, so it’s up to us as members to demonstrate that we are respectful and courteous to others in the community. After all, we have to live and work here, too.


Have you successfully joined a cannabis club in Barcelona, and have items to add to this post? Let us know in the comments section below!

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