Barcelona Marijuana: Cost, Types, & Quality

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Barcelona marijuana is among the best in the world, easily rivaling the cannabis of California, Colorado, Canada, and the Netherlands. Barcelona marijuana is typically locally-grown and properly cured by experienced growers who live and work in the cannabis industry in Catalunya. This article discusses the average cost, the types/strains, and the quality of Barcelona marijuana products, including cured flower, extracts and concentrates, and more.

Barcelona Marijuana: A Green Background

The best way to get cannabis in Catalunya  is by becoming a member of one of the many Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. A cannabis social club is an association where members share the cultivation and consumption of cannabis collectively. There are nearly 200 social clubs in Barcelona where people can safely get weed. The following details the quality, types, and cost of the marijuana available in Barcelona.

Indoor Flower for Barcelona Marijuana Info Article

This is an example of the type of cured indoor cannabis flower that you can get in Barcelona.

Barcelona Marijuana: Quality

Weed in Barcelona comes in all shapes and sizes, from low quality outdoor weed to the highest level of indoor sensimilla, you can also find traditional Moroccan hash, or 72 micron full-melt iceolator. There’s something for everyone in Barcelona’s coffeeshops.

Barcelona Marijuana: Types

Cured Indoor Flower – This is cultivated in highly control environments indoor. 

Cured Outdoor Flower – Grown under the abundant Spanish sun with minimal environmental controls. 

Bubble Hash/Iceolator – Produced by filtering cannabis with water so that only the trichomes remain. 

Barcelona Marijuana includes Traditional Moroccan Hash

Barcelona Marijuana products include a wide selection of traditional hash just as this traditional Moroccan pressed hash.

Traditional Hash – Pressed or beaten against a sieve to collect the resin only. 

Specialty Hash – Depends on the type; types include jelly hash, finger hash, etc.

Rosin – This type of cannabis concentrate is made by heating and pressing raw cannabis flower

Tincture – This product is a cannabis extract suspended in alcohol or oils. 

Creams & Salves – These are products made with cannabis concentrates and infused in hand creams, body lotions, etc.

Edibles/Medibles – These are foods that are infused with cannabis. Cuidado! 

Shatter/Wax – This product is a cannabis extract produced using a chemical precursor to extract the volatile plant oils. 

Pre-Rolls – For your convenience, these are joints that are pre-rolled by hand and ready for your immediate consumption. Cuidado, may contain tobacco. 

Green Dragon Cannabis Tincture for Barcelona Marijuana Types Article

Barcelona Marijuana: Average Cost/Pricing

Cured Indoor Flower… 7 euro to 15 euro a gram or more, depending on quality.  If you want to go crazy, there’s Cali weed that you can spend up to 40 euro per gram.

Cured Outdoor Flower… 4 euro to 7 euro per gram depending on quality and the particular strain. 

Bubble Hash/Iceolator… 20 euro to 60 euro depending on the processing method and filtration. 

Some of the best Barcelona Marijuana Products are Iceolators and Bubble Hash

Considered a specialty hash Iceolator is made by separating the trichomes from the plant using water.

Traditional Hash… 6 euro to 9 euro per gram. 

Specialty Hash… 20 euro per gram, up to 80 euro per gram. 

Rosin… 25 euro to 60 euro per gram depending mainly upon the strain and partly upon the production method. 

Tincture… 25 euro to 30 for about 2 weeks to 1 month supply. 

Creams & Salves… 15 euro to 30 euro depending on the infusion level and size of packaging. 

Edibles/Medibles… 5 euro to 25 euro depending on the size of the food item and the level of infusion. 

Shatter/Wax… 25 euro to 80 euro depending on the source material and production method. 

Barcelona Cannabis Types Includes Wax and Shatter

Some of the most popular types of Marijuana in Barcelona include cannabis wax and shatter.

Pre-Rolls… 3 euro to 10 euro each depending on tobacco content versus weed content. 


As you can see, prices of Barcelona marijuana vary greatly depending on the quality and type of the product. For most people, the best and safest way to acquire cannabis in Barcelona is to join a private cannabis social club. But maybe you’re asking yourself, “is cannabis legal in Barcelona?

Have you acquired marijuana in Barcelona? what was your experience like, let us know in the comment section below!

Cannabis Cream for Barcelona Marijuana Article

One of the more unique types of Barcelona cannabis products includes Mano Santa which is a cannabis infused hand cream.