Maine Dispensary Review: New World Organics

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New World Organics cannabis dispensary in Belfast is one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Maine. Although the city of Belfast is small, New World Organics offers products and services reminiscent of the big-city marijuana dispensaries of Colorado and California, while still maintaining that small-town, friendly approach. Currently this shop is open to certified Maine medical marijuana patients only, but that will soon change thanks to voter initiatives in this state.

Maine Dispensary Review Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

New World Organics: History

Several years ago, I became a certified Maine medical marijuana patient. Prior to this, I’d acquired cannabis products exclusively on the black market. After certification, I signed-up with the California-based Wellness Connection; one of the few licensed cannabis dispensaries in Maine at the time. However, I found the prices to be outrageously high, the staff arrogant and unhelpful, and the basic experience of registering there and using the dispensary to be unfriendly, overly sterile, and in some cases, outright frustrating.

New World Organics Sign in Belfast Maine

The sign outside of New World Organics. This is on Waldo Ave, just a few minute’s walk from downtown Belfast.

I searched the web and found a Maine caregiver advertising for new mmj patient slots in Belfast. Although the caregiver was about 20 miles away – in a city I rarely visited – I was so disgusted with the Wellness Connection that I was willing to try something new.

Back then, the founders of NWO, Justin Olsen and Nancy Shaw, operated out of their in-town Belfast farmhouse. They had a two-room office setup in the center of the house, where they offered even more Maine marijuana products than the Wellness Connection, and many of the NWO strains were organic. Justin and I were similar in a lot of ways, and I always felt a good connection with him and Nancy. It was 2015 when I registered with New World Organics, and 3 years later, it’s still my primary source of cannabis in Maine.

Justin and Nancy quickly outgrew their sizeable farmhouse. Sometimes during the busy season there’d be trimmers working in the kitchen, their scissors snipping away quietly, a cannabis-related business person or two milling around, sipping coffee or trying out a vape pen, and of course one or two patients, all hanging out at the same time, discussing marijuana.

Eventually, New World Organics moved from the farmhouse in Belfast to its current location on Waldo Avenue, right off the world-famous Coastal Route 1. This is where you’ll find me at least once or twice a week.

New World Organics: Environment

New World Organics marijuana dispensary is easy to get to for people from a large section of Maine’s Midcoast and central regions. Located just off an exit from Route 1, less than a mile from the busy Route 3, this Maine cannabis dispensary is easily accessible by residents of Belfast, Camden, Rockland, Augusta, Bangor, Ellsworth, Bucksport, Waterville, and all the smaller cities and towns in between.

Marijuana Clones at New World Organics Maine dispensary

Cannabis clones for sale at New World Organics Maine marijuana dispensary.

Occupying one side of an office center just outside of downtown Belfast (you could walk from Darby’s to NWO in 5-6 minutes), New World Organics offers a waiting area (the shop only serves one patient at a time) complete with numerous chairs, a Nintendo gaming system, and bathroom.

Doors line each side of the waiting area; to the right are the NWO offices, and to the left are the doors to the dispensary. Inside the shop there is a room with a lighted case for clones and seedlings, and floor space where racks and shelves display branded tee shirts, locally-made hemp jewelry, marijuana books, small pipes, and other marijuana accessories.

Weed stickers at New World Organics in Belfast Maine

420-friendly stickers are neatly plastered on the front of the main glass display case.

In the main part of the shop are three long glass cases, which feature a surprising variety of Maine cannabis products. The display cases form a nice “U,” and this is where most of the shop’s products are housed. However, there are also a couple of shelves against the back wall; this is the “top shelf” section, which features premium strains.

Overall, New World Organics is neat, clean, and ordered in a logical fashion.

New World Organics: Cannabis Products Selection

“New World,” as it’s called locally, generally has 6-7 indica varieties, and 6-7 sativa varieties. Most of these are hybrids, and many of them are organic. According to Justin Olsen, the president of NWO, around 70% of the strains on offer are organically-grown. These are mostly housed in the 3 glass display cases, with the exception of the aptly-named “top-shelf” varieties. Cured flower that’s been on the New World menu lately:

Marion Berry
Sunshine Daydream
Northern Lights
Mandarin Cookies
OG Kush
White Widow
Bradford Kush

Main counter at New World Organics Belfast Maine dispensary

Part of the large selection of Maine cannabis products available at New World Organics.

New World Organics is also known to acquire or produce extremely special varieties from time to time, like this example, from my Oregon Huckleberry Review.

Apart from cured flower, NWO provides Jupiter vape pens (usually 2-3 different flavors), CBD distillate, cannabis oil, dry sift, rosin, salves, creams, and other products as available. The shop also carries cannabis edibles like marijuana lollipops, cookies, and some packaged edibles.

New World Organics: Staff

The staff at New World are a dedicated bunch of cannabis enthusiasts. All have a passion for producing and supplying excellent-quality cannabis. Impressively, New World Organics has kept the same staff virtually since its inception, and these guys are always willing to help a Maine marijuana patient. From attending federal marijuana court cases, to working with charities, to staging events that benefit local people, NWO has a great team of people.

Center shot of NWO marijuana dispensary in Belfast Maine

Display counters, mostly for cured cannabis, at New World Organics in Belfast.

New World Organics: Events & Extras

Other than a constantly-changing variety of supplemental cannabis supplies and marijuana accessories, NWO also hosts events for its patrons and patients. During holidays the shop runs deep discounts, and other events – like this year’s “Christmas in July” – are becoming more common as this Maine dispensary matures.


New World Organics marijuana dispensary in Belfast is one of the few businesses I can say that I’m proud to frequent, year after year. I’ve enjoyed working with the NWO team, and I’ve personally watched Justin and Nancy constantly strive to be better, and to do more. In this regard, they’re succeeding, as they’ve built one of the best weed dispensaries in Maine.

Have you been to New World Organics in Belfast, Maine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Maine Dispensary Review Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

[NWO is a licensed marijuana caregiver-storefront with the city of Belfast and the State of Maine.]

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