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Marijuana Strain Review: Twitter

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The Twitter marijuana strain is a hard-hitting new cannabis strain developed in sunny California, although I cannot figure out why it is named after the social media site. The twitter weed strain is extremely potent and easily puts you to sleep, while I have an idea in my head of the social media company as a twitching, tremulous little creature that cannot sit still; they are opposite concepts. Regardless of the story behind the namesake, Twitter is the strongest cannabis I’ve had in a while and the high lasts for more than 3 hours for veteran tokers, earning it a full 5 Star rating.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Twitter: 5 of 5 Stars!

Twitter Cannabis Strain: Look & FeelCloseup number 1 of the Twitter strain

The Twitter strain consists of medium to dark green buds that are significantly darker than most strains I have sampled recently. Featuring a moderate amount of orange and brown hairs, Twitter buds are fairly soft and not at all sticky, but still obviously fresh. From a distance this strain looks a little like dirt / mid grade commercial weed, but once you get up close you can see that it’s good stuff. The half ounce that I acquired of this strain was well manicured and had short resin glands that were moderately distributed across the buds; overall this is not a heavily crystallized strain.

Although Twitter isn’t very sticky and will not adhere to your fingertips, the pungent smell will hang around on your skin for quite some time, so be sure to wash your hands if you’ve handled this weed and subsequently need to be around people who are not 420-friendly.

The Twitter marijuana strain from afarTwitter Cannabis Strain: Taste & Smell

The first thing that I noticed about this strain is that it smells like cow manure. Fortunately, I’m not opposed to this scent. In fact, there are many times when I have driven through the countryside and passed a farm where the odor of cow manure wafts into the car, but instead of being repulsed I tend to breathe deeply. It’s a sweet smell; one that reminds me of being home and feeling wholesome at the same time.

This is precisely what the Twitter strain smells like, and my supplier agreed with me wholeheartedly that it’s not unpleasant. Of course, it’s not exactly a wonderful smell like the Black Lemon or Cheese strains, but the potency makes up for it, so keep reading.

Under the smell of fresh cow manure is a definite medium note of diesel and a scarce hint of lemon grass, but this citrus impression is barely there. Breaking a bud open lets the diesel and lemon come through strongly and overpowers the fertilizer/cow poo smell.

Twitter produces heavy white smoke that is a little acrid but surprisingly doesn’t produce much coughing. However, it’s still best to take small hits as the smoke is exceptionally thick and with really big rips you sort of get a “full” feeling that does tend to choke you a little.

Only a very slight taste of lemon comes through but not much else. The aftertaste is distinctly earthy and sits for quite a while in the back part of the roof of the mouth.

Twitter Cannabis Strain: PotencyTwitter cannabis strain in the hand

After 1 hit from a freshly cleaned bong I felt the high in the top front of my head and eyelids. This then extended into my nasal cavity and sinuses and noticeably relaxed my shoulders. The high increased significantly for 5+ minutes after the first hit.

After 2 hits the high spread out across my entire forehead and moved into my chin, intensifying in the sinuses. At this stage I felt almost no body effects, but there was still a slight impression of weed-aided relaxation in my shoulders.

After 3 hits I began to feel the high moderately in the back of my neck and head, and strongly in the top of my head. At this point I started to get really spacey and sleepy; my legs relaxed from the knees down and I was very high and ready to take a nap. In fact, even my mind felt kind of sluggish; not just my body. I could feel the high strongly in my eye sockets.

By the 4th and final hit my tongued swelled slightly and my cheeks buzzed with a tingling sensation. I could feel the high now in the tops of my shoulders and the front of my chest. I felt spacey and my thoughts wandered, but I still managed to get plenty of work done.

Strangely, the high continued to increase in strength in my calves for several minutes after I stopped smoking.

Closeup number 2 of the Twitter weed strainAlthough the Twitter strain is hard-hitting, it doesn’t produce a lazy couch-lock feeling; it’s more specifically tired than lazy or unmotivated. I still felt ambitious and wanted to do things and I still typed and worked just fine, but I just felt like I could lie down and go to sleep.

Twitter Cannabis Strain: Duration

Finally, a cannabis strain with staying power! The duration of the high provided by the Twitter strain is among the longest available, in my experience. Even for veteran heavy smokers, one can expect a high that lasts for a minimum of 3 hours, although I still felt plenty high after 4 and sometimes 5 hours. This is extremely long-lasting stuff compared to other strains on the market.

With peaking periods that continue for 5-8 minutes or longer after each hit, the high from this weed is not affected significantly by eating or exercise; if you can fight past the sleepiness long enough to do either of these things. 😉

ConclusionBrass pipe and a bag of the Twitter strain

Although it’s not the best tasting or best smelling cannabis strain, Twitter makes up for this by being extremely strong and long-lasting. This also makes it less expensive than other strains; because you stay higher for longer, you need less of the herb to maintain the level of medication or recreation you require.

But perhaps more importantly, the Twitter strain has strong potential as an extremely effective medical treatment for insomnia and appetite stimulation. This could prove “highly” useful in treating a number of serious medical conditions, as well as offering an excellent non-pharmaceutical alternative to everyday sleep-aids.

Unfortunately, I searched the web and cannot find any mention of this strain anywhere, so it’s probably still too recently developed to do anyone much good just yet. But if you’ve had this strain or you know anything about it, please let us know in the comments!

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Twitter: 5 of 5 Stars!

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3 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Review: Twitter

  1. Hey man, think i recently got some of this. Its smells and tastes as you describe But i dont get high off it!
    Im in the uk, so god knows where it came from!
    But when I split the bud open it gave a strawberry vape type smell.
    I haven’t enjoyed smoking it at all.

  2. I have to say the the Analysison the Twitter strain right on the money ,just had received look forward to further analyzation !in indiana

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