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Marijuana Strain Review: Zombie Kush

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Zombie Kush marijuana strain is one of the hardest-hitting Indicas this author has ever had the pleasure of smoking. This particular batch of Zombie Kush was produced by La Mesa cannabis club in Barcelona, Spain. This is important information because in my opinion, Zombie Kush is not only the most potent Indica in Catalonia so far for 2015, it’s also the most medically-valuable, as this review will attest.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Zombie Kush: 5 of 5 Stars!


Zombie Kush: History & General Information

Zombie Kush was developed by Ripper Seeds of Sabadell, Spain – a small city just outside of Barcelona. Bred using primarily Amnesia, Lavender Kush and Bubba Kush genetics, Zombie Kush is an 80/20 Indica hybrid. With some impressive Afghani and Pakistani heritage way down in the strain’s lineage, Zombie Kush is a heavy Indica that is well-known for its potent sedative properties. Although developed by a Spanish seed company, the Zombie Kush strain is especially popular in California, United States.

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Zombie Kush: Look & Feel

The Zombie Kush buds that I acquired from La Mesa Barcelona featured short trichomes that densely populated every surface. This particular batch was heavily mottled with orange “hairs” and were devoid of the purple characteristics normally attributed to this variety. The buds were compact and fairly unyielding, but they did have a little bit of springiness. When handled these flowers were moderately sticky and also a little oily; a trait I am not accustomed to.

Zombie Kush cannabis strain in the hand

Zombie Kush: Taste & Smell

Zombie Kush reeks of good ol’ fashioned skunk. While the potent stench of this strain is something to get excited about, it can also be a cause for concern for people who live in regions where marijuana is still illegal. This is because even a half gram of Zombie Kush can be easily smelled from across a large room. And if you have this strain tucked into your jacket pocket or a backpack, you probably don’t want to stand too close to anyone who could represent a threat, as the smell will likely seep through your clothing even if you don’t notice it.

While Zombie Kush does smell skunky, it also releases a pleasant earthy smell that should be familiar to most Kush enthusiasts, which I am definitely not – but this strain is exceptional. When smelled up-close, Zombie Kush has notes of pine, sage and other Italian spices without being “spicy,” and there’s also just a hint of sweetness in there too, but I can’t articulate exactly what…I can only describe it as faintly lemon-diesely.

After handling Zombie Kush flowers, your fingers will smell like fresh cannabis extract – a scent that lingers for some time, even after washing your hands.

Zombie Kush produces thick white smoke where the taste is negligible but quite clean overall. The flavor is slight but in general it’s more earthy than anything else; not fruity, not nutty. The flavor is not as good as other Kush varieties like Cranberry Kush or Afghan Kush, but it’s neutral enough to appeal to nearly anyone while still carrying that classic Kush taste. Unlike other Kush strains, there is no aftertaste with Zombie Kush.

Interior of Zombie Kush marijuana buds

Zombie Kush: Potency

Zombie Kush is extremely strong. If you have active plans for the day, you might cancel them after smoking this strain. I smoked Zombie Kush for about 10 days and had to fight the urge to take a nap quite often. This weed is tremendously sedative.

After just 2 hits I feel the high from Zombie Kush start in the back of my head and then move to the top and forehead, but nothing noticeable in the eyes. However, the high does cause a pleasant buzzing/tingling in the cheek bones directly under the eyes.

Two hits from a freshly cleaned bong is all that is required for an extreme state of relaxation to spread from the center of my chest to my back and then move down my legs. A warm sleepy feeling begins to take over, and a nap suddenly sounds good regardless of whatever else is going on…

3 hits is enough to get even veteran smokers exceptionally high. For me this consisted of uncontrolled periods of “zoning out” accompanied by a hyper-awareness of sounds. Drills, automobiles, televisions, radios, children playing, a man on the phone, my wrist moving across the table and the scraping return of the buttons on my blazer as I made switchbacks across the page; all of these sounds became amplified and prominent.

At 4 hits the physical effects of Zombie Kush are undeniable. I felt this in the form of a deep sense of relaxation overall, while my larger muscle groups felt super-flexible and noticeably comfortable. My bones and joints seemed smoother and old martial arts and cycling injuries that normally give me pain subsided or disappeared.

2 Buds of Zombie Kush marijuana strain

Zombie Kush: Duration

This strain is short-acting but also has a short per-hit peaking period of about 2 minutes. Overall peaking period can be as long as 10 minutes but in most cases I found that full effect was achieved within 4-5 minutes of smoking.

This is one of the longest lasting strains available in Spain right now, with average duration of the critical parts of the high lasting from 2.5 to 3 hours or more.

The effects of Zombie Kush seem to be moderately affected by exercise, while only mildly decreased by eating or drinking.

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Zombie Kush is an excellent strain for medical purposes; most notably for aid in sleep and the reduction of stress-related anxiety. This is also a useful strain for treating pain or discomfort in muscles, joints or ligaments, and for some people can be a “highly” useful sedative.

Zombie Kush is also an excellent choice for recreational users who want a knock-down dropout one-two-punch type of marijuana and don’t have complicated plans for the day. For athletes, this could be the go-to Indica strain; especially for sports that are hard on joints.

Have you tried the Zombie Kush strain? Have you grown it? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Zombie Kush: 5 of 5 Stars!


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15 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Review: Zombie Kush

  1. Before I tried this, I was in a bad state of mine. I found myself crying and angry about anything and everything. I took 2 hits and I fell relaxed and I dont feel like crying so far. It has been about 30 mins now. I felt my head just go numb. My breathing has slowed up to where I feel relaxed. I would like to grow this for my husband and I. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and has PTSD to the max. This might work for him.

  2. Great review, thnx!

    I have a serious delayed sleep syndrome and use mj one or two times a week to keep my day rhythm steady (after my doctor tries 11 different benzos which both had less effect and made me half-zombie until lunch the day after (I had to use them every day as well…))

    I am growing my own medicine and look for the hardest hitting indicas to knock me into sweet sleep. Do you have any info regarding the degree of difficulty when it comes to this strain?

    If you have the knowledge and can recommend any other hard hitting indicas that cure sleeping disorders I would be thankful:)

    Kind regards,

    Mr. J

    1. Hola Mr. J; I think for your purposes, a consistent regimen of a small marijuana edible 60 minutes before bedtime is a much better option than smoking or vaping. But if I were to recommend any strain for sleep disorders, it’d be Zombie Kush, or, failing that, any indica with strong Afghani genetics. Zombie Kush is a hardy indica that should be pretty straight-forward from a grower’s standpoint, either indoor or outdoor. Best wishes Peace -Russ

  3. I smoked a half ounce of this with some friends it KNOCKED US ON OUR ARSES , after a wake and bake consisting of a joint and 3 bongs one of my friends ( a rookie smoker , very low tolerance) had a bad trip and started going paranoid , seen himself melting and then ” blow into the tv” as if he litterally had exploded into it , if you have a low tolerance , say id you can only smoke 3/4 grams of some average , low hitting ched , then dont smoke this , definitely will send you to a new dimension of trippy , as a more experienced smoker who can smoke a quarter of an ounce at once without feeling bad side effect in the short term , I still felt some uncomfortable tingling sensations in my hands and feet and also a small sense of paranoia , good review if youre considereing only a standard sized smoke , say a joint or 2 over about an hours period , but smoking large amounts in one sitting , id only reccomend for amokers who can handle their bud properly , be cautious people cause this is a killer strain haha

    1. Thanks Ched, all very good points. Zombie Kush is one of the heaviest hitting strains I have ever had; it’s not for newbies to take lightly. Personally, I love to smoke some Zombie Kush right before an 8-10 mile run – all muscle aches, joint pain, everything just melts away. 😉 Peace -Russ

  4. Hey Russ, love the review, thought it was amazing you could inform us about this strain of marijuana. If you ever do a review again you should do it on Lemon Haze if you have tried it. I think this would be an intresting topic because some claim this is the best most popular strain in the U.S

    1. Thanks, Antonio. I have smoked lots of lemon haze and related products; hash, iceolator, but I strongly prefer Super Lemon Haze – now THAT is one of the best strains in the world. 😉 Peace -Russ

  5. Hey Russ,
    thanks for the nice review. I can not wait, preferably i would fly to Barcelona now 😉 See you in June. Nice pics, nice review.


  6. Great review as always… I was looking for a strong indica for some time. Last time I tried Lavender in La Mesa, very relaxing, but not as strong as I would like it to be. But I loved the provence-like smell and taste. Gotta try this one next time I go there. I’d love to know if you can recommend any other strain from current La Mesa menu. I’m now enjoying Grapefruit Diesel that is supposed to be a new thing on the list along with Mango and Strawberry version of it (i guess they are very similar), but not sure what to think about it – it makes me sleepy more than lavender or some other indicas I tried there.

    1. Hey Jakub; get the Strawberry Diesel at La Mesa! I made a special trip there tonight to get 3 grams for myself; it’s awesome! And yes, the Zombie is MUCH stronger than the Lavender. Thanks for stopping by! Peace -Russ

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