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Marijuana Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

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The Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain is a hybrid based primarily on an unknown strain crossed with Durban Poison and Kush. I acquired some Girl Scout Cookies from my connection in the Northeast, but I happen to know that he has it shipped in every week from California. So it’s possible that the GSC I’m smoking is the real deal. A 5 star cannabis strain, Girl Scout Cookies gets me super high for long periods of time, but it isn’t much to write about in the way of taste, aroma or even appearance. We’ll call it an entry level 5 star strain.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Girl Scout Cookies: 5 of 5 Stars!

Girl Scout Cookies: Look & Feel

On two separate occasions I acquired 1/4 ounce bags of GSC. Each contained medium sized mostly green buds with some sectionsGirl Scout Cookies strain in the hand of dark green and only sparsely strewn with light orange hairs.

The buds were unique in that they were inconsistently crystallized. Some parts of the buds were heavily crystallized, while other sections appeared to have few or no trichromes at all. The buds were compact and compressed to about 50% of their original size under firm pressure, but interestingly they were not at all sticky; upon releasing a bud it would not stick to your finger even after a tight squeeze.

Girl Scout Cookies: Taste & Smell

I get the impression that the GSC I acquired was cured in a rush. It smelled mostly of sweet grass or timothy hay, but there was also a hint of damp earth and diesel fuel in there too. When I really buried my nose right in the buds I could also detect a vague hint of mint.

When smoked Girl Scout Cookies produced thick smoke that was rather tasteless and smooth. Although it didn’t have much “flavor,” it did leave a sensation on the roof of my mouth that was lemon/mint and oatmeal, but it was only a fleeting sensation.

Girl Scout Cookies: Potency

After 2 hits from a clean bong I felt the high start in the top of my head and rapidly spread down into my forehead. My eyelids closed to about half-mast and although I was sufficiently high I still felt like I wanted to be active and motivated. The high increased for more than 5 minutes after the second hit, extending into the skin of my shoulders, arms and the backs of my legs.

Closeup of Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain on PaperThis effect was extremely interesting because I had never felt this with another strain before. Usually with other strains you “feel” the effects in the tissues and muscles of your limbs, but with this strain the high was situated exclusively in the skin.

I let it ride after the second hit and eventually began to feel sleepy.

After 3 hits my eyelids closed even more and the high moved into my face, cheeks, and upper chest – but once again only in the skin. I began to feel much sleepier at this stage.

After my standard measure for strain reviews of 4 hits from a clean bong, the intensity of the high in my legs increased and spread to my feet in a sort of pulsating massage. It was weird but also quite pleasant.

Interestingly, even though I had felt tired from hits 1-3, by the 4th hit that wore off and I began to feel active. It seemed like I had reached some sort of “next level” with the Girl Scout Cookies where I had passed the tired stage and entered into a “higher” state that almost seemed a little like I had eaten a diluted edible.

Girl Scout Cookies: DurationClear shot of the GSC strain

The high from Girl Scout Cookies will last for about 3 hours for a veteran cannabis user, and much longer for a novice – at least 5 hours. I ate a huge bowl of frigid ice cream about an hour into the high and it lessened it significantly, but only for a short time. Ten minutes after eating the ice cream I was just as high as I had been before. I also spent around 90 minutes or longer sanding an oak floor by hand, and stayed nice and high the entire time.

So eating food – even ice-cold foods, and hard work do not significantly reduce the high from this strain. That’s great news for people who like to be really high, but also really active.


Girl Scout Cookies on a notebookThis strain will make an excellent candidate for certain medical uses, most notably as a sleep aid at lower doses, and for treatment of various types of skin pain, possibly including neuropathic pain. It doesn’t smell or taste like much, so if you’re a weed connoisseur this might not be the strain for you. But if you’re looking for a strong, utilitarian 5 star marijuana strain, Girl Scout Cookies might be the perfect strain for you.

To learn more about the Girl Scout Cookies strain, where it comes from and who developed it, you should check out this article by Chris Simunek from High Times Magazine:

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Girl Scout Cookies: 5 of 5 Stars!


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7 thoughts on “Marijuana Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Hey guy I just started a a grow on dwc hydroponics and my seed just pop out the strain is gsc. What I wanted to ask if you got any growing tips for this strain like best temp and humidity and lighting

  2. Hey Russ,
    Durban, the real Durban.
    Well that’s a rollercoaster sativa ride from the moment you strap in. Gets me motivated to get going for the day coping with huge pain.
    Only sativa I’ve known that also doubles are hard-core chronic pain relief.
    So basically all the Durban, the racy uplifting high is gone with this hybrid ?
    Cos if im reading you right, you are saying it could be for sleep time med.
    Sounds nice but its the real Durban poison for me still, they have done over 40 years odd research and tweaking on that one, fastest pure sativa left more or less. Please correct me if im wrong.

    1. I have only tried Durban once, in Denver last year while covering the HT Cannabis Cup. But I was munching on some edibles and smoking other strains too so I never got to fully evaluate it. Sounds like I need to check it out again, based on your description.

      1. Hey Russ, if you’re ever in LA I suggest you try TLC’s dispensary. I am most certain it will be some of the dankest weeds you have ever tried such as Wedding Cake, Fruity pebbles, Strawnana, Mac n cheese , Purple punch, topanga, Dosie dose, Strawberry sherbet, etc.

    2. No it’s not really like that. I had a really good batch of gsc and it smelled like good old og, with hints of mint and ammonia. Now the high was stellar. It starts out as racy high in the head and your body begins to melt but you still feel the Durban. The best way I can describe the high was like a mild dose of ecstasy. You begin to feel the euphoria rush and feel energized, but you also get that og body sensation.

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