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Marijuana Strain Review: Super 7

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Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Super 7: 3 of 5 Stars


This marijuana strain review is for the Super 7 variety I acquired from the Kush cannabis club in Barcelona. I got a few grams of Super 7 primarily because I had never heard of it before and I like trying out interesting-sounding pot, despite the fact that this variety didn’t look very impressive. As it turned out, it didn’t perform well either.

Super 7 Look & Feel

To be fair, Super 7 had some tough competition. At the time I was also actively reviewing Black Mamba and Cranberry Kush, which areSuper 7 Strain Review- Buds in the Hand both much better marijuana strains. In addition it could be possible that I received the last of a certain batch, but the main point is that even in the bag Super 7 didn’t look too hot.

The buds were very small and spindly with thin stems and even some wispy sections of leaves. Normally I wouldn’t have purchased weed that looked like this, but I learned my lesson a few weeks ago when I reviewed Sweet Afghani. Sweet Afghani was brownish and dry and crumbly, and I thought I wasn’t going to be happy with it. But when I smoked it my world was rocked and it’s now one of my favorite marijuana strains.

So I figured I’d give Super 7 a shot.

The buds were much more firm than I thought they were going to be, but overall they were inconsistent; some were much browner than others, and some were drier than others. Based on a lack of in-the-bag appeal, I tossed Super 7 in a drawer and didn’t get around to trying it for a few days.

Super 7 Marijuana Strain Close UpSuper 7 Taste & Smell

In the bag Super 7 doesn’t have much of a bouquet, but out in the open air it has a surprisingly delicious scent. It’s something like sweet grains, fresh cut hay with lots of timothy, and spicy molasses. Interestingly, the smoke is virtually tasteless. This strain smokes a little harshly but doesn’t produce much coughing (if any), even though it is quite dry.

Super 7 Potency

After 2 big rips from a freshly prepared bong, I got a mild high that was pleasant but subtle. After 3 hits I didn’t notice much of an increase but by the final standard measure of 4 hits I was admittedly high. This high was confined to my head and didn’t extend into my body at all. It was mostly situated way up high in my brow.

The high from Super 7 is not potent, but it’s still worthwhile if you don’t have a better option. It’s a static sort of high where you’re content to just sit while your brain remains intellectually quite active.

Super 7 DurationSuper 7 on Blue Background - Marijuana Strain Review

I smoked 3 grams of Super 7 over the course of a week or so and the longest high I was able to achieve was about an hour. This is a serious disappointment, but I can see how this might be a useful strain for a short-duration high, except for the fact that it’s also slow-acting and takes a while to reach its full effect…which ultimately was marginal.


Super 7 is a mid-grade marijuana, but on the lower end of that spectrum. It isn’t a marijuana strain that I would buy again unless there just wasn’t anything better around. Overall I give it 3 stars out of 5, and one of those stars is primarily for the great out-of-bag smell of the buds. My wife and I both commented that this weed would be great sitting in a bowl in the middle of the room as potpourri.

Marijuana Strain Review Rating for Super 7: 3 of 5 Stars


My overall opinion of Super 7 is best summed up as “meh.” If you had a different experience with this strain, let me know in the comments. But if you want to read about some truly badass, get-you-higher-than-hell-for-hours weed, click the RSS icon to get automatic updates for my next few marijuana strain reviews; Yumboldt, Cream Caramel, and Somango. I also have a new Barcelona Cannabis Club review coming up for the awesome RDM Club on Carrer Bailen, so check back to read that post when it’s published.

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