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The Best Hash in the World: Riffman Gold

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The best hash in the world is Riffman Gold, but you’ll probably never be able to find any to confirm or deny my claim. That’s because in all my travels I only found this hash once and it was for a limited time. I have looked for it in several different countries and not only have I not found it, most people have not heard of Riffman Gold.

I lived in Diemen, Netherlands for the first half of 2012, and it took nearly a month to get internet service at our flat. (Diemen is about a 5 minute walk from Amsterdam.) I work from my computer so that meant I had to find an alternate solution, and working from a coffeeshop was my first choice.

But it couldn’t be just any coffeeshop, and it certainly couldn’t be one of the obnoxious frat-boy style coffeeshops that target the fleeting tourist in the city center. It had to be a fairly quiet shop off the beaten path with long hours. The shop also had to be situated so that I could position myself within view of my bike that would be chained up outside.

Coffeeshop Solo: My Vote for Best Coffeeshop in AmsterdamRiffman Gold Close Up

I discovered Coffeeshop Solo on Koningsstraat and it fit the bill perfectly. The staff was awesome and allowed me to work there peacefully for weeks. Of course, I’d always buy some more weed and hash from them every few days, and I’d drink tea and order snacks and tipped well, so it worked out for them too.

When I arrived at my “office” one day, the menu had a new item on it: a fine hash called Riffman Gold. It was a Moroccan hash and it was fresh but dark. It was soft and even with exposure it didn’t easily harden. The smell was luxurious chocolate spice and the taste was similar.

Riffman had a perfect middle-ground high that was intense but still allowed me to function including riding my bike hundreds of miles each week. I bought that hash every week even though my normal practice was to mix things up. It was expensive at close to 18 Euro for a gram, but it was absolutely worth it.

I’ve smoked a lot of hash in my time and eventually even the mildest hash begins to wear your throat and lungs down if smoked regularly. I’ve also smoked some hash that while potent just killed my throat. But Riffman was mild to the end and never bothered me even though I smoked it every day.

Riffman Gold HashRiffman Gold was by far the best hash I have ever tried, and I’m hopeful that I’ll find it again someday. I was able to score that beautiful hashish for about 2 months, and then I had to go back to the United States for the summer.

When I returned to Amsterdam and Coffeeshop Solo in the fall, they didn’t have Riffman anymore. And when I checked nearly a year after that, the clerks remembered the hash fondly but shook their heads.

Nope, they can’t get it anymore. Pity.

Have you ever laid eyes on Riffman Gold?  If so let us know in the comments.  If not, what’s the best hash you’ve ever had?

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95 thoughts on “The Best Hash in the World: Riffman Gold

  1. hi Russ,yess,one point for handmade hash,you smoke it ,even 3 times per day ,you will have same feeling,this is the BEST!)))))

  2. MC is the best hash in the world. It’s taste is just amazing and the smell too. But you should try Red ice also. It is tasteless but you’ll get high from the very first puff.

  3. hahahaha!! well riffman gold means: the gold of the men from the riff mountains. in the area of chefchaouen! morocco, where you could find a huge amount of the riffman gold! we call it here Beldiya that means the native plant of cannabis here.
    It’s my hometown u welcome guys

  4. I’d like to buy some hash….. Pindari ice malana cream…. Anything strong…. From noida…… Please contact me on my email…..I’ll be waitin…. Need contacts and new stuff…

  5. Riffman Gold, hash produced from the Riff mountains in morocco, go to chefchaouen the blue city , and then drive to Bab Taza (25 minutes), after taza starts the plantations , follow to Ketama, Issaguen and before ketama there is a small village call Bab Berred,35°01’01.8″N 5°00’12.2″W, on this valley lots of types of plants are beeing produced like pakistani , mexican , lemon , amnesia , kush and more , amazing hash .Ketama Issaguen also amazing hash , is just a bit not so friendly but safe. on Chefchaouen walk to the top of the city, you will find a big hotel , can’t miss it when there walk to the left side of the mountain and after a while you will find plantation , also good hash .
    advice on bab berred is hard to find Moroccan hash , but you will find a very extended menu of delicious hash types. near chefchaoen there is a place 30 minutes drive call akchour is a natural park with to valley walk , one for the bridge of gods , th mountains touch each other at 100 meters making a bridge really cool for abseiling , the other walk a bit longer is to th water fall. lots of amazing rock climbing walls there , 5c to 7a+ or more.


  6. I’m allmost 70 now but lived in Israel from 69 till 80. In the end I was bored from smoking the red lebanese hash. When I got back to Canada I was luck and hooked up with the best jamaican gum hash I’ve ever had till this day. I could make 4 joints from a gram and only needed half a joint. The taste had a sweetness about it as well as the smell. I was able to get it for at least 10 years when it became difficult to get plus the quality was going down!

  7. Hey Russ, why not come to India now….its a harvesting season…. in malana, which is in himachal pradesh..try out some malana cream…i beleive its can make u forget about riffman gold…i’m also here in malana y not share this culture amoungs us……

  8. Yes please! I’m smoking rubbish hash and it’s v annoying! The green is just too trippy for me therefore I need quality clean hash and willing to spend v good money! please help as its really needed! Thx

  9. Just a correction – this is a good list, but most people don’t know about Red Ice, which is even better than Malana Cream. Red Ice tops the list, followed by malana cream and the rest

  10. Here is the list of worlds best hash. Do not even cast a shadow of doubt on this list.

    1) Manala cream:- Absolutely the best hash the universe has ever seen. 5 grams of manala cream takes 8-10 hours to produce. It is made by the baby flowers and youngest bud of the plant.

    2) Himanchal Supercream :- Every bit as good as Manala cream. Same methodology to prepare.
    3) Pindari Ice:- What else would you get except the very best when your crop grows in 14000 feet altitude glaciers with the purest streams of himalayan ice cultivating the crop. The sun is so mellow at these places that the crop takes a lot longer to ripen. Pindari Ice is again made of youngest trifoliate leaves (just the top three leaves) and is made from live plant and hand made. Some proclaim it to be as good as Manala cream , some even says Pindari ice supersedes Manala cream. Also this variety is very very rare and thus information about it rare.
    4) She rok :- A very potent yet delicious Afghani hash. in contrast to the ice clad mountains of Himalayan Hash, this afghani hash grows in sandy and dry climate. Again it is a hand processed hash. Very hard to procure by foreigners because of conditions in afghanistan.
    5)Nepal Temple Bells :- A meditative trance inducing mellow and delicious hash sold around kathmandu .. generally made around a group of 5 – 6 village in nepal. Very delicious and meditative variety.

    I have tasted almost every single variety sold on the planet … Nothing comes close to these five.
    Many of these hash sold in other parts of the world (excpet India, Nepal, and afghan) are fake and thus brings bad name to these superior drugs.
    Try them only in their respective countries preferably with a local person.

    Amsterdam is equivalent to macdonald. All u will ever get there is stale, adulterated cheap knock off.

    1. Hola Jivan; wow, thank you for such a comprehensive list. I don’t know about the other types, but it seems like the general consensus is that indeed, Malana Cream is the best hash in the world. I’ll be coming to the region soon to find out for myself. 😉 Peace -Russ

  11. Have been to Amsterdam many times and I got manana cream and parvati charras in Barney’s,pricey but worth it as a nice treat and dampkring have the full riffman range,great hashish.

  12. Hey Russ, by now I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about MC. If you want to travel to Parvati Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India), do check out my blog at pppcicag.wordpress.com
    You’ll find everything you want to know about Parvati Valley, the people there, and of course, Malana Cream.
    Also, link to my soundcloud is also there. I don’t produce music myself, but you’ll find just the right thing for just the right high. Cheers mate

  13. Hi, speaking as a seasoned traveller and unbiased and Indian: I love Malana Cream, it is my favourite – however, i must say Nepali Temple Balls was the ultimate experience and so far the most incredible hash I have ever had – purchased in Kathmandu and mountains of Nepal.

    When you head to Indian make sure you also visit Nepal and upload a comprehensive VS review.

    These are hand rubbed natural hash’s – organic and grown high up in mountains.

    I also travel to AMS often and the Malana and Nepali TB are no good.

  14. You all should come to Afghanistan and smoke some afghani charas and then decide. I have been to Himachal and smoked malana and different types of charas there. 10 grams of charas is for 2$ here in Afghanistan, but if you want the best ones not more than 10$. Since it’s not safe to come to Afghanistan hardly people come to smoke here, no one knows how is the hash. Am sure if you smoke one j that will be enough for 3 hours you won’t even think about the second j. I hope one day there will be peace in my country and people come to smoke and chill. Peace

  15. Have you tried Afghani hash we called it (She- rak) wow if you really wanna feel hash try it I challenge you will never find the test no where.

  16. Ummm… The guy above talking about rosin knows his hash just fine. He wasn’t talking about chemical extract (wax/shatter/amber glass), he’s taking about heat pressed extract that literally blows any hah I’ve ever tried out of the water. I own bubble bags, have a tumbler, and have been more a hashish fan than anything else for the past 20 years. The newish heat pressed rosins available on the west coast are each as good as any cream hash I’ve ever tasted. It’s super potent, and is as much a pure true hash as any hand rubbed, ice washed, or tumbled hashish you can find anywhere else. Just want to be sure you understand there is a significant difference between rosin and wax/shatter extracts.

  17. 1 request

    ur article hurts me a lot while seeing that you dont put malana cream on 1st position
    really angry first try malana cream and if u think its more better than change the title of this article plzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Hi Russ,
    All of these people here claiming malana to be the best are’nt wrong.
    You see charas,is hash extracted from live cannabis plants unlike the morrocan silk screen method.
    If you come here though,there are 3 types of hash that you must try:
    Malana Cream – which is normal charas
    Super Cream – think of this as the first rub from the plant,only pressed trichromes. You won’t get anything better than this,I’m surprised you did’nt smoke any in Amsterdam
    Ice – Ice water extraction method is known to these village dwellers ! How ? I don’t even know,but this is by far the most potent.
    As for shatters,wax and dabs , I don’t fuck with dabs and all that,I keep it traditional.
    I’m from Delhi,and people go to malana often,but when you do come here,make sure you have TOSH(eat and stay here),MALANA(you know what to do),RASOL (try the rasol cream,it’s new )and KHEERGANGA(smoke your shit and carry your DSLR) in your itenary.

  19. Malana cream contain 40%THC. Its awesome you should made a trip to malana there are lot of dealers over there u can find it easily. The stuff is really superb. I myself made trips to malana 6 to 7 times a year.if you wana try msg me will take you to malana

    1. Hola Shom; 40% seems pretty good, but can I ask how you know that Malana Cream is 40%; have you had some tested? I’m curious to know. Thanks! Peace -Russ

  20. Malana is a village in Himachal Pradesh, India.
    You can get best hashish is the world
    Malana 1st rub is the best hash
    2nd rub and 3rd rub is made sooner as compared to 1st rub.

    4-5 grams in 8-10 hours hardwork.

    Price – Rs 2000 se 4000 per 10g (tola) depending on quality. (2015)

    Identification – Dark green colour from inside and very very soomth. Catches bubbles fastly after burning

    Very few people know that SUPER cream is better then Malana.
    Its much higer mountain in Himachal and 4000rs per 10gram

  21. I know where to get Malana Cream and the best hash in India. Also there are best rave parties. and believe me malana is the BOMB!

  22. hi my name is Manish I live in nainital.if you all are really hash lover you should try pindari ice.it is the best hash I ever smoked.

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