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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Carme 66

Feature Image Carme 66

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Carme 66 is a cozy and friendly private cannabis club in Barcelona with a strong and demographically-varied member base.  This marijuana club is located in the heart of the Raval neighborhood, exactly on Carme street, right off La Rambla of Raval, and near MACBA Museum. If you’re familiar with this area of Barcelona, you know that this cannabis social club is in the middle of all the chaos, but even though a lot of action is happening around this place, I find it a very special spot to chill out and meet new people.

Carme 66: Environment

This Barcelona cannabis social club is located on an easy-to-find street, but if you’re not paying attention to all the doors and shops, you can definitely miss it in the blink of an eye. Carme 66 is located in the number 66 of the street that refers to its name; there’s a tiny medieval-looking door with a buzzer, and as soon as you are inside, you’ll find a hallway with the reception desk to the left.

Main Area of Carme 66
This is the main area of Carme 66, where basically all the magic happens.

If you start walking towards the end of the hallway of Carme 66, you’ll first come across a small chill-out area with a sofa and table.  On the left wall, there’s a huge print of Antonio Gaudi’s famous building, Casa Batllo. On the right corner of this space, you can pick from one of the many bongs the club has on offer to share with their members.

The next thing you’ll see is the big main area of the club, where most of the social activity occurs. On the right-hand side, you can find the dispensary which is attached to the bar, with more than 26 types of strains including Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids, all displayed in the glass counter.

This main area is not too big, but it has all you need to have a great time and smoke some potent strains. Right next to the dispensary there’s a big flat screen television projecting soccer games most of the time. On the same wall of the TV, the club has a big painting of a nice chunky bud that was a special gift from one of their members.

Carme 66 Dispensary
The club offers more than 26 different strain of cannabis, with a heavy weight on the Indica side.

Getting close to the end of the club, you’ll find the unisex bathroom on the right and a little indoor patio with some natural light coming from the top of the building.

Carme 66: Cannabis Selection

The cannabis selection at Carme 66 is one of the main reasons why its members keep coming back. They offer a wide variety of flower including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties. Each table has a menu of the cannabis variety on offer, but every week they try to keep the dispensary fresh and moving by continuously changing up the marijuana on offer.

The club offers more than 26 different strains, with a heavy weight on the Indicas. Members have their favorites and most-popular strains including Tangie Sherbet, Purple Trainwreck, Gorilla Glue #4, Gelato, Blue Dream, London Poundcake, and Strawberry Banana Cream x Gelato. Carme 66 is also well-known for its potent American strain, called Runtz.

Carme 66 Variety of Products
This cannabis social club offers other cannabis extracts and concentrates like iceolator, BHO, etc.

This Barcelona cannabis social club offers other cannabis extracts and concentrates like iceolator, BHO, hash, etc. Among the favorites are Weeding Cake and Gelato for the ice-o-lator, and Blue Zkittlez, Super Lemon Haze, Shatter Amnesia, and Afghan Kush for the ice-o-lator.

Pre-rolled joints are also available, as well as CBD products, and all sort of edibles. The club has chocolate bars, gummies, cookies, honey, and Potella, which is hazelnut spread cocoa. Of course, all these munchies are cannabis-infused, and some are pretty strong.

Carme 66: Staff 

The staff at Carme 66 are way different from the rest of the cannabis social clubs in Barcelona; all of them are women, with the majority from Argentina. I could feel from them a great vibe and energy.

Cozy Area and Casa Batllo Views
You must be ready to have interesting conversations and make new friends in the cozy environment of Carme 66

Both girls were very helpful, keeping an eye on me, cleaning and tidying areas. They told me that most of the times they feel like therapists to all types of members and situations, from the Danish couple that’s fighting for her not wanting him to smoke weed, to a whole family that came in together.

The great attitude and big smile of the staff made me feel very comfortable and wanting to come back.

Carme 66: Events & Extras

If you want to become a member of Carme 66, you must be ready to have interesting conversations and make new friends in this cozy environment, as there’s no mobile signal inside, which means people must disconnect from their daily routine.

Strawberry Banana Cream
The Strawberry Banana Cream is the weed I tasted at Carme 66, and I never thought it’ll hit me so hard.

This Barcelona cannabis club doesn’t sell alcohol at all, just soda and juices. They also play soccer games on a flat screen television and they allow members to change the channel if they wish. This is a dog-friendly association, but I wouldn’t recommend keeping your dog for a long time in there.


This Barcelona smoker’s club is the kind of place that will make you stop – at least for a short time – to push the stress away. The staff and members are friendly and the marijuana they offer is good.  A better location is almost impossible to find in Barcelona.

Have you been to Carme 66, or are you currently a member? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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