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Bilbao Cannabis Club Review: Culcanna

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Culcanna is one of the most interesting and unique cannabis clubs in Bilbao, Spain; this is the largest city in the province of Biscay and in the Basque Country as a whole.  This cannabis social club opened its doors five years ago, you’ll find it hidden away in the back streets of the Bilbao La Vieja district, very well connected with the Old Quarter and Abando. Culcanna has everything a cannabis enthusiast could want; great location, welcoming environment, top-notch cannabis products and accommodating staff.

The main hanging out area of Culcanna with a few sofas and an Arcade
Culcanna private cannabis club provides members with a number of different environments to hang out in and interact with other members.

If you’re lucky enough to get an invitation to join this cannabis haunt, you’ll immediately understand why it’s destined to become one of the top marijuana clubs in Spain, rivaling even the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Culcanna Cannabis Club: Environment

Like most cannabis clubs in Spain, Culcanna CSC is quite discreet on the outside; most people never figure out that next to a candy shop, a café, a pharmacy, and a few residential buildings, you’ll find a cozy cannabis association where you can smoke top-notch cannabis products and relax for a while.

The discrete but very well stocked dispensary of Culcanna Cannabis Club in Bilbao
The reception and the dispensary are connected to each other in this cannabis smoker’s club in Bilbao

Located in the hipster neighborhood of Bilbao, also known as Bilbi, there’s no indication or any other sign to reveal you’re in front of a cannabis association. Instead, there’s only one wooden door with a big black square in the middle with a modest bell.

Press the buzzer and step inside and you’ll find yourself in a small hallway where the reception and the dispensary are connected to each other. In this section, members can add funds to their accounts or sponsor new socios and acquire cannabis products.

One of the seating areas with row of stools against the wall and small table
The bar chamber of Culcanna consists of a row of stools against the wall on the right-hand side and just in front of this a well-stocked bar, and a vending machine.

After finishing the authentication or registration stage if you’re a new member, you must go through another door to your left that will lead you to the bar. This area consists of a row of stools against the wall on the right-hand side, and just in front of this a well-stocked bar, and a vending machine.

Right after you walk through the bar area at Culcanna, you’ll find yourself in the main chill-out area. This chamber is divided into 5 micro-environments.

The bar is not big but offers a wide variety of options for when the munchies hit
The bar at Culcanna offers a wide variety of products such as tea, juices, smoothies, coffee, and peanuts. If you’re looking for something else you can use the vending machine for the munchies.

Four of them are very similar, with black leather sofas, blankets, and tables. The fifth one is the coolest, to enter you must open two black curtains and take off your shoes. The reason why you must remove your shoes is that this is a made of cushions bed, perfect to really disconnect while smoking a joint, the blue tiles in the back wall make the perfect relaxation spot at this cannabis social club.

One last thing which is essential to comment on is the impeccably clean and vintage-looking restrooms they have to offer.

Culcanna Social Club: Cannabis Products Selection

The marijuana at Culcanna is among the best in the city of Bilbao. A simple menu of 15-20 strains is divided neatly between sativas, indicas, and hybrids. The cannabis offered here is fresh, well-cure and with reasonable member per gram contribution. When I visited the club towards the end of January, they had the following strains on offer at Culcanna smoking club:

San Fernando Valley also is known as SFV OG – Crème Brulee – Somango – Orange Jello – Critical – 33 Splitter – Phantom Cookies

The coziest chill out area of Culcanna
The coolest area of Culcanna Bilbao, it’s a made of cushions bed. If you want to chill-out there you must take off your shoes.

Culcanna CSC also offers different types of hashish such as Custonic, Barbara Bud, and Kosher Kush. The club also carries a decent variety of Rosin, BHO, and Ice-o-lator.

For members who like marijuana edibles, Culcanna stocks chocolate bars, lollipops, and candy. They also offer a wide selection of accessories and marijuana-themed products: from grinders, papers, and filters to glass bongs and vaporizers.

The main reason why the cannabis products at this smoking association are unique is that they collaborate with a very well-known group called Basque Triangle Farms, they specialize in top-notch cannabis strains.

Culcanna: Staff 

During the last 5 years, founding members of Culcanna studied and explored the cannabis club scene in Barcelona and beyond, watching and learning. The information they gathered allowed them to understand precisely what it is that members are looking for, and how to provide for those needs in the most respectful way possible.

Part of the merchandising of Culcanna private smoking club
Culcanna cannabis association offers different types of merchandising for its members, from custom grinders, rolling tables and pre-rolled joint cases to shirts and hoodies.

Like most cannabis clubs in Barcelona, Madrid, and in Spain overall, Culcanna is managed by 2 founding members and 3 collaborators. This cannabis club in Bilbao is staffed by a team of people who are dedicated to offering exemplary cannabis for its members while offering an environment that is elegant and happy but somehow still manages to be both friendly and exclusive.

Culcanna Social Club: Events & Extras

Culcanna CSC boasts a wide array of events and extras for members to partake in. From live music, a large selection of card and board games, brunch, broadcast football (soccer) games, and more, Culcanna has more for its members to do than most other smoking clubs in Spain.

One of the many chill out areas of Culcanna, decorated with leather sofas and a big mirror
Culcanna is decorated with style and elegance. The whole club has black leather sofas, blankets, and tables.

Every year they religiously celebrate their anniversary and 4/20, on these days they have live music, dab station, vape station, extractions workshops and last but not least a Pintxos taste.

Like most cannabis associations in Spain, this social club provides free Wi-fi for members looking to work. Culcanna smoking club is also dog-friendly.


Culcanna CSC is a members-only cannabis club in the true tradition, it’s perfect for people who enjoy simplicity, discretion, and top-quality cannabis products.  This private smoking club is on a fast-track to becoming one of the best cannabis clubs in Spain. Are you a member of Culcanna? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Finally, a green light has been lit by the government which will provide regulations that cannabis clubs must follow. It’s a great step in accepting the marijuana culture of Bilbao. Catalonia with Barcelona as the cannabis epicenter presents itself as a role model for the future cannabis regulations in the Basque country.

    1. Hola;

      Thanks a lot for your feedback, it means a lot to us.

      There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. One step closer to legalization. Bilbao is a great city, with great clubs and great cannabis products.

      Let’s make Basque Country the new Barcelona of Madrid.


    1. Hola;

      Thanks a lot for contacting us.

      We just emailed them to confirm if they’re closed or not. As soon as we have an answer from them we’ll let you know.

      Thanks for the heads up.

      All the best!

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