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Madrid Cannabis Club Review: Gasolina Social Club

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Gasolina Social Club is already one of Madrid’s top private cannabis clubs. This Madrid weed smoker’s club opened its doors about one year ago, on the first of August, 2018, after nearly 2 years of painstaking preparation and development. Gasolina has an ambitious vision for the future that blends a hip environment with fun events and special projects, and of course some of the best cannabis products available in the Spanish capital; check out the full review below for photographs and details, and see what Gasolina is all about.

A big sofa with a stylish crystal table an four chairs.
Despite the fact that Gasolina is one of Madrid’s newest private cannabis social clubs, it’s already becoming a household name in the cannabis industry here in Spain’s capital.

This Madrid cannabis smoking club is located in the city center; the name of the neighborhood is Chamberí, which is an old-style 19th-century area, and its locals are proud of the small-town feeling you get when you walk around its streets. The Chamberí neighborhood of Madrid is idyllically slow, relaxed, and clean, and you don’t see many tourists around. This part of Madrid has everything a cannabis connoisseur could want.

Gasolina Cannabis Club: Environment

This Madrid cannabis club is located near several centric metro stations of the city, such as Argüelles, San Bernardo, Moncloa, and Quevedo. Like most cannabis clubs in Spain, Gasolina Social Club is quite discreet on the outside; most people will never figure out that next to a well-known bank, shops, and some tapas bars, you’ll find a spacious oasis where you can smoke and relax for a while.

Gasolina Social Club is quite discreet on the outside.
Madrid’s Gasolina cannabis social club features wide open spaces, which is unusual for a cannabis club in Spain.

Press the buzzer and step inside, and you’ll find yourself in the reception area where members can add funds to their accounts or sponsor new socios (members) to the club. This section is like many other smoking clubs in Madrid or Barcelona, with a reception desk to verify your identity before stepping into a delightful cannabis experience.

The entrance and reception area of Gasolina are separated from the main part of the club by a tiny door on the left-hand side. Open the door and you’ll find yourself in another two-floor world. In striking contrast to many cannabis clubs, Gasolina is full of light on the upper half due to the high ceilings. On the right, you have a spacious handicap bathroom and a long bar where you can get draft beer, different flavor of juices, ice-cream, chocolate, and some salty munchies.

The lower half is a totally different ecosphere.
Gasolina provides members with a number of different environments to hang out in.

The practice of keeping the beers upstairs is because the club’s management doesn’t want members to take full glasses down the stairs, and also to keep the marijuana separated from the alcohol, which all clubs are obliged to do in Madrid. This makes Gasolina even better; it’s basically a bar and a coffee shop all in one place.

On the left wall of this cannabis social club, you’ll find some art pieces, and towards the end of this area, you can take the stairs down to the second level. The lower half of Gasolina Social Club is a totally different ecosphere, and is where the real “magic” happens.

One of the many seating areas on the second floor of Gasolina.
Pushing deeper into the interior, you’ll find four more comfortable and big sofas along with a few tables and chairs for members who want to chill out in style.

This lower section is divided into several micro-environments; a big sofa with a stylish crystal table, and four chairs greet members in this area. Two spacious and clean bathrooms are on the right-hand side of this room; one for women, and one for men.

In this lower sanctum you’ll find another bar area; it’s not big, but it offers plenty of options for when the munchies hit. Towards the end of the chamber, you’ll see a large wall with a Gasolina Social Club logo, and if you turn left, there’s a billiards and a soccer table if you feel active or just need a sporty distraction.

Gasolina Social Club: Cannabis Products Selection

Gasolina cannabis club carries a wide variety of cannabis products for all different types of marijuana consumers. They offer 12 to 14 different cured flower options at any given time, which includes a range of indica, sativa, and hybrids. Some of their top-selling strains are Gelato #33, Grand Daddy Purple, Mango, and Tahoe Kush, which are commonly found in clubs and dispensaries around the world. Gasolina’s other strains, like Tangie Animal, Zookies, and Bloodline, I have seen exclusively at this private Madrid social club.

Tangie Animal, I have seen exclusively at Gasolina Social Club.
Madrid’s Gasolina cannabis club offers several strains that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in Spain. These include unique varieties like Tangie Animal, Zookies, and Bloodline.

Pre-rolled “Mariachi” joints are also available, as well as some of the strongest cannabis extractions in Madrid. This cannabis social club also offers shatter, BHO, and live resin – a top seller – and Amnesia sugar wax; another favorite among Gasolina’s members. The club also stocks Lemon Kush traditional hash.

Gasolina caters shatter, BHO, live resin and sugar wax.
Gasolina is a modern cannabis social club that offers many newer products in addition to standard cured flower. This includes hash, shatter, BHO, live resin, and edibles.

For club members who enjoy marijuana edibles, Gasolina stocks cannabis syrups, honey, hazelnut spread, and other cannabis-infused products, depending on availability. They also offer a wide selection of accessories and cannabis-themed products; from the usual grinders and papers to full-size glass bongs and vaporizers.

Gasolina: Staff 

Gasolina Social Club is staffed by a team of people who are dedicated to offering the ultimate cannabis experience to its members in an environment that is chill and joyful, but somehow still manages to be both welcoming and exclusive.

On the left wall you’ll find some art pieces.
The staff of Gasolina Madrid are friendly and attentive.

Both girls I met that day were extremely nice; they gave me a warm welcome complete with hugs and kisses. Everyone at Gasolina went out of their way to make sure I felt that I was part of the club.

Pool table on the lower half of the club.
Want to get medicate or get high and play billiards? Table soccer/football? Gasolina has what you need.

Genuine smiles, honest greetings, and attentive service overflow at Gasolina. I could tell these values derive from the club’s Board of Directors when one phrase stated by the owner caught my attention; “…my idea is to have the best club of Madrid, not the biggest.”

Gasolina Social Club: Events & Extras

This Madrid cannabis social club holds many events every month; including the Gasolina Cup, which gathers all members together to vote on their favorite cannabis products.

As well as ongoing creative projects, there are also social programs at Gasolina, such as an initiative to support or sponsor an organization from the neighborhood. Presently the club is in the planning stages of supporting several groups, including an organization that helps to protect women against violence, and one that seeks to help homeless children.

In striking contrast to many clubs, Gasolina is full of light.
Gasolina weed club in Madrid has something for everyone; from cool merchandise and swag, to excellent cannabis products, and fantastic events and special gatherings for members.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, live musicians and new DJ’s are invited to play at the club. One unique and positive characteristic to mention in this regard is the soundproofed room on the lower half, which allows Gasolina members to whoop it up without bothering the neighbors. Years ago, Gasolina was a famous nightclub, so this soundproof room was necessary in those days. Today, the club has re-purposed this area.

For special events, Gasolina brings food from their neighbors such as pizza, sushi, or the famous Spanish bocadillos (sandwiches). Finally, this club and its members are part of an online gaming competition called The High Games, where members across the world play and compete.


Gasolina Social Club in Madrid is the perfect club for marijuana consumers that want a place in the city center where they can simply and safely acquire superior cannabis and spend quality time relaxing. Gasolina is on a fast-track to compete against the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona and Madrid.

Have you been to Gasolina Social Club, or are you a member? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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236 thoughts on “Madrid Cannabis Club Review: Gasolina Social Club

  1. I joined Gasolina club thanks to Jennifer’s assistance and recommendation.The whole process was smooth and the place is very cosy with great variety and quality.The staff is professional and friendly. I’d definitely visit often if i stayed in Madrid,but i guess now i have a good excuse to come back 🙂

    Thanks again and much respect for what you are doing.

    All the best,Dimitris

    1. Hola Dimitris;

      Thank you for sharing such a positive review. We are happy to hear you loved the atmosphere and that now you have a reason to come back to Madrid. Gasolina Social Club works really hard to offer the best experience.

      Hope to see you around the club very soon.

      All the best!

  2. excellent club with clean/nice facility and great product; kind and professional management. i look forward to returning.

    1. Hola Christopher;

      Thank you for sharing your experience. We are happy to hear everything at Gasolina Social Club was great.

      We hope to see you back very soon.

      All the best!

  3. Great place!
    The whole experience was smooth and easy exactly as described. Product quality was superb and a variety of options were available, the staff were also friendly and speak English.
    Will definitely go back there when I run out of stock.
    Thanks a lot Jennifer.

    1. Hola Aziz;

      Thank you for sharing your feedback with the community. we are delighted to hear all the process was perfect.

      Gasolina Social Club takes good care of the product they offer their members, always looking for the best options they can find.

      The staff at Gasolina is always helpful and energetic.

      Hope to see you around the club someday.

      Best wishes!

  4. First time at Gasolina was greeted by very nice helpful people . Jenifer made all the arrangements for me to join it was so easy . Great place with a good variety of weed , hash and edibles relaxed vibe . Will definitely be back again .

    1. Hola Alistair;

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

      We are delighted to hear everyone made you feel welcome and all the process was smooth. Gasolina Social Club has a great variety in their product and its atmosphere is one of our favorites in Madrid.

      We hope to see you around the club someday.

      Best wishes!

  5. Thank you for this membership! The weed bought and smoked was fabulous. As a medical user traveling abroad this was very important.
    The club is nice and welcoming and very pleasant to be in. The membership process was easy, and everyone was so nice and helpful. Thank you Jennifer!

    1. Hola Orly;

      Thank you for sharing your positive feedback.

      Gasolina Social Club always takes extra care with their product. We completely agree with you that everything they offer is top-notch. Their atmosphere makes it easy to lay back and relax.

      Hope to see you around the club.

      Best wishes!

  6. Thanks Jennifer,
    For the quick and simple process.
    Gasolina social club great service and great product choice and great quality. Easy to find

    1. Hola Bernard;

      Thanks to you for trusting us, it means a lot to us. We’re happy to hear the process was quick and easy to follow.

      Yes, Gasolina Social Club has all you need to enjoy the capital of Spain.

      We hope to see you around the club very soon.

      All the best!

  7. This was the first Club i have visited so far and i must say it was a wonderfull experience, membership process wasn’t to complicated, the staff girls were really kind and heplfull, the atmosphere its really nice, good music, cozy sofas, the buds are awesome, fresh and smell like glory! not joking! i had great time there, and i really looking forward to come back. Thank you so much to Jennifer Garcia for the recomendation!

    1. Hello Alexis;

      Thanks a lot for the honest feedback. It’s great to hear you had a marvelous experience at Gasolina Social Club in Madrid.

      They really know how to do things right, it’s very important to have the perfect balance between the staff, the members, the cannabis selection and of course the atmosphere.

      Please come back soon to this association.

      All the best!

  8. Jennifer Thank You !!! You were really helpful and responsive which I wouldn’t have expected given the time at which I sent you my email request. You have been very clear on what to do and where to go. Then the club, honestly I haven’t tasted such a good weed outside of the Netherlands, so I was really impressed by the good quality of it. I definitively recommend this the Gasolina club, and this website !

    1. Hola;

      Thanks to you for the great feedback, we try our best to be the fast we can be.

      It’s very important to inform properly so the new members are well educated before showing up at the club. Yes, we completely agree with you, the cannabis products at Gasolina Social Club are the best of the best.

      We hope to see you at the club very soon.


  9. Thank you Jennifer for helping me join the club! Gasolina Social Club was an amazing experience and the staff was very nice! Looking forward to the next time!

  10. Thanks to Jennifer and Marijuana games for all the help joining the club. This site is a great fountain of knowledge and Jennifer provided all the information required to make signing up a breeze,

    Club was amazing! Staff were friendly and made me feel very welcome. If I lived in Madrid, I could see myself spending way too much time there as the space is a nice place to hang. Smoke was fantastic and at very fair prices. My only regret is that as I was only in Madrid for the weekend I could only visit once but as I now have a one-year membership I will just have to come back.

    I would very much recommend visiting the Mercado de Vallehermoso after the club. It’s a short stroll away with great food and drink away from the tourist masses.

    Thanks again Jennifer for all your help.


    1. Hey Adam;

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to share with us and the community such positive feedback, this kind of gesture means a lot to us.

      We’ve been putting a lot of effort over the years into providing the right information regarding to our audience. We’re thrilled to know that your registration process was fast and smooth.

      You should be thinking of moving to Spain. Yes, we agree with you, Gasolina is a unique place where you can feel you’re at your own house. What type of flower did you try that day?

      Great recommendation, the Mercado de Vallehermoso is fantastic.

      We hope you’re back soon.


  11. Thanks Jennifer! Prompt and informative replies. A friendly service which I’m looking forward to using frequently in 2020.

    All the best,


  12. I had a great time at the Gasolina Social Club.. Great service and great product. Definitely worth a visit. Super easy to join and find.

  13. This is the first cannabis club I’ve joined and it’s been a very positive experience. Jennifer sponsored me on the very same day I applied and the membership process was quick and painless. Gasolina has a great central location near the Arguelles metro stop. The staff were very friendly, the place was super clean and I got the impression things are well organised there. Great quality and variety of products although as it’s my first club, I don’t have anything else to compare it to. Simply being in such a place made me feel great because of what it represents. Good prices at the bar and as I went at lunchtime, it was almost empty but I was assured it fills up later on in the day. Very chilled out comfortable scene with music at the right volume which I am looking forward to going back to. All in all, a highly positive introduction to the cannabis club scene in Madrid, thanks to Jennifer and Gasolina Social Club.

    1. Hola Jason,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are happy to hear the process was quick and painless.

      Gasolina Social Club has a great location and their staff is always friendly, they work really hard to maintain the club clean and up to standards. The quality of their products is also really important to them.

      We hope to see you around the club very soon.

      All the best!

  14. Jennifer made this process quick and simple! I was concerned that my short trip would not allow me to make arrangements, but it was not a problem at all and I had heard from Jennifer within an hour! Club was fantastic. Great experience all around!

    1. Hola Casey,

      We are happy to hear everything was smooth and on time. We totally agree with you that Gasolina Social Club is fantastic.

      Hope to see you around the club someday.

      Best wishes!

  15. Having not visited a club before, my partner and I joined Gasolina On Jennifer’s recommendation. Gasolina was a great intro to Spanish clubs. The staff were friendly and the membership process was smooth. The buds on offer were great quality and they had a good variety of strains. Its also nice that they have grinders and bongs to use while you’re there. Thoroughly satisfied with Gasolina overall!

    1. Hola Greg,

      Thank you for trusting Marijuana Games. We are happy to hear you enjoyed our recommendation. Gasolina Social Club is one of the best clubs in Madrid. Ass you said their quality and variety are always top-notch. It also makes it easy for members to have everything they need on their fingertips, like grinders, papers, and bongs.

      We hope to see you around the club someday.

      All the best!

      1. Hello Jennifer, I’m a French guy who would love to join your seemingly great cannabis club ! I’m 21, and a weed amator, do you think you can sponsor me or put me in a relation with someone who could ?
        I wish you a good day, and hope maybe seeing you in the club !

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