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Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Asociacio 4:20

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The 4:20 cannabis social club is one of the newest to join the cannabis club scene in Barcelona, but unlike many clubs of the latest wave they have done so with a very clear concept as you’ll see in this review.  On the inside club 4:20 is clean but rustic and offers wide open spaces to socialize and relax. With hours as late as midnight on weekdays, Asociacio 4:20 is a chill place to hang out at just about any time of day or night.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

Asociacio 4:20: EnvironmentAscociacio 420 in Barcelona - seating areas

The 4:20 club is located in the Gothic quarter and is part of Ciutat Vella, the old medieval part of Barcelona. The club is just 50 meters from Las Ramblas, 35 meters from Plaza Real and 10 meters from Plaza George Orwell. As you can see, this is an historic part of the city with plenty of cool gathering points and places of interest. The streets here are winding, narrow and often confusing, so I recommend entering Esudellers from Las Ramblas to make finding the club easier.

As I mentioned before, the entrance to the 4:20 club is discreet, but you’ll still find it if you pay attention. After the membership process is complete, we continue entering the club and the first thing we see is the requisite PlayStation 4 area, with sofas and tables. This was quite surprising to me, but once we continue towards the dispensary it becomes more apparent, as the rest of the club is one big space where a PS4 gaming area just wouldn´t work.

Between these two main areas is a short hallway with some original, homemade chairs and tables fixed to the wall. The main area has a large projector, several TVs, and around 5 sofa and tables zones. There’s also a dispensary and bar zone, and a little stage for live music and other activities.

Weed menu at club 420 in BCNAsociacio 4:20: Marijuana Selection

The marijuana menu at 4:20 offers one of the widest and most balanced selections of pot I have found in the cannabis clubs in BCN. On my first visit they had 19 (!) different cannabis strains available, with all the primary strain families represented: haze, Kush, widow, skunk, etc. They had also some specialties like MK Ultra and classics like NYC Diesel, Cheese, Somango and Amnesia.

At club 4:20 they put a lot of effort in providing good extractions; both Iceolators and BHO is available. However, their specialty is the Iceolators, which surprised me not only because of the quality of the product but also the interesting strains selection used in their creation: Iceolators of MK Ultra, OG Kush and Yumboldt; yummy!

I was told the club was also working on expanding their catalogue of BHO extractions, as they had only two types that day, which is still 2 more than many of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs offer.

Asociacio 4:20: Events & ExtrasShelf of goodies at club 420

I really enjoy hanging out at 4:20; it has that familiar ambience you can usually only find in less popular, out-of-the-way clubs. Its location means that its members are from a wide range of Nationalities, which is another plus for visitors as the language issue is sometimes a problem in Barcelona, where you never know if Spanish or Catalan is the proper language to use.

Club 4:20 offers a wide variety of games like Monopoly, Risk and other board games, as well as traditional games like chess, checkers and cards. The club sells the usual selection of marijuana merchandise and smoking accessories; both available for purchase and some free to use while in the club for members. And unlike most other clubs, the public bongs and pipes at 4:20 are actually clean and ready for you to use without being disgusted.

4:20 has a fair selection of snacks and drinks that should satisfy the average stoner, and for those looking for a bit more kick, there are some alcoholic beverages as well. But one thing that really differentiates Asociacio 4:20 from other cannabis clubs in Barcelona is the marijuana edibles. 4:20 offers strong pot brownies and truffles, as well as special items from time to time.

Main lounge at club 420 BarcelonaThere’s plenty to do at 4:20 all year long. The most popular are the live DJ jam sessions that take place every Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to 2 am. These events are usually quite crowded and are ideal before going out to nightclubs, where you can’t smoke.


(This is a preliminary application process; not all who apply will qualify for membership based on Spanish law and club policy. Application for membership is general and is not necessarily applied to any particular club unless the applicant fully qualifies.)

There are regularly different activities that range from stand-up comedy, to magicians, PS4 tournaments… and a guaranteed full-to-capacity crowd at every FC Barcelona soccer game!

Asociacio 4:20: Staff

If one word would describe the staff of 4:20, that would be professional. 4:20 staff represents a diverse age group and everyone; from the veteran at the front desk to the girl at the dispensary – knows their job and is pleasant and accessible. They all speak several languages and are always available for questions or just to chat.

Have you been to this club, or are you thinking of applying for membership? Let us know in the comments!

Wall of clocks at Ascociacio 420 in Barcelona

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35 thoughts on “Barcelona Cannabis Club Review: Asociacio 4:20

  1. Hello I’m Francois, 40 years old.
    I’m come from France and i am in Barcelone in holidays for 2 days( Carrera de la Sequia,3,Barcelona). I would like to visit your club because i would like to test your quality and variety of grass.
    Could you tell me more about the conditions to become an membership of the famous club 4:20!!!

    Why your club? Your club is well-known and famous in France

  2. Hellllo! This soon sunday my brother and I will get to barcelona and we love to come to your club
    Can u help me? Thank u!!

  3. Hi, i leves The idéia and concept of this cannabis club. I would like more info about the membership please. Tks. Pce, Caio.

  4. Bonjour je viens de passer 3 jours a Barcelone,ayant était en premier cher Kush ACCB ou j ai presque pris peur de la tenue de l endroit , la clientelle et l attente interminable,j ai ut la chance de pouvoir me faire integrer au 4:20 ou j ai ensuite passer la fin de mon sejour fabuleusement,un endroit très propre très relaxant,ou les gens vous reçoive agréablement,j ai sympatisé sans le savoir apparement avec le patron ou j ai pu deguster du BHO en pipe d une saveur exquive suivant d une defonce massive 🙂 une multitude de differente extraction possible de different produit exeptionnels et leur weed est très bonne,je recommande cet etablissement a tout le monde , au couple surtout car on se sent réellement en securité a l interieur contrairement a d autre ou j ai pu aller

  5. I am visiting Barcelona on around 20 of July, and I am interested in becoming a member at 4:20. I have been in Barca many times before, bit have never visit a social club. I think a visit to 4:20 would be a plage sverd i van meet some like minded people. Could you please email me with some details.

    1. Hi Marius; sorry, but I don’t sponsor people at 4:20 and in fact I am not a member there at all, so I could not even if I wanted to. Fortunately, there are much better clubs in the city that may be available to you depending on your circumstances and if you meet the requirements. I don’t email people as this is not my job or my business; if you want a favor from a stranger, you email me: Peace -Russ

  6. Hola,

    I am visiting Barcelona on July 28. I am interested in becoming a member at 4:20. I want to meet some like minded people and relax in your club. Could you please email me with some details.

    Muchas gracias,


  7. Hello!, Me and a friend will be coming to Barcelona round 22 july, I am interested in visiting the club and knowing more about the membership procedure


  8. Hey Russ 2 of us are in Barcelona now close the the 420 club. We are interested in applying for membership sometime today, are you available?

    1. Hello Colin! Sorry, but we can’t provide sponsorship at 4:20. However, we may have some other options for you – I will have Russ send you a PM so check your email. <3Ellie

  9. Hey Russ, I am coming to Barcelona tonight at around 8:30 and was really hoping to visit the 4:20 club, can ya help me out? I shot you an e-mail but figured I would try both. Thanks man!

  10. Hi Russ i live near to barcelona and i would like to visit 4:20 club. Please help me to become a membership. Cheers

  11. Hi,

    Just landed in BCN. Can you get me i to a club today or tomorrow please? Sorry for the short notice, but been let down by someone else. Thanks!

  12. Hello Russ! I’m moving from Stockholm to BCN next week, I was wondering if you could help me become a member of 420?

    Best regards

  13. Hey Russ,
    Me and my friends will be in Barcelona tomorrow through Sunday. We are staying at a hostel in Plaza Real right next to club 420. We are American and have never experienced anything like this, but would love to be able to have a nice chill session while we are there. Could you email the information concerning the club?

    1. Hi Roman;

      Unfortunately, we are no longer working with and cannot recommend this club at this time. However, there are plenty of good options nearby, I will send you an email with more details. Thanks for stopping by! peace -Russ

  14. Hi Russ my partner and I came across your blog after contacting the nancy botwin network and we were referred to 4:20.. could you please arrange something for us as I read your notice regarding this. We are staying just off the Marina metro station for the next 4 nights and would like something really relaxed.


  15. Hello Russ,

    Great informational site you have! My husband and I are arriving 12th of February and are interested in this 4:20 club you reviewed and K-lite. Any chance for some assistance.

    Thanking You!

  16. Hi. I will be visiting Barcelona in two weeks time. Is there any chance I could get a membership at 4:20, even as a foreigner?

  17. Went there past saturday and had a wonderfull time.
    I was on city trip and knew i would find a CC in BCN,I never heard about 4:20 before that.
    A friendly man behind the desk. Another behind the bar. Nice music, Sofas. I felt @home. When i left, the friendly man invited me to come back the next day because there would be pizza and FCBarcelona – Malaga on tv. Verry tempting but didn’t had the time…If I could i will move to BCN 4 G00D. Happy to have my 4:20 Socio’s Card. I’ll be back

  18. Hey!
    Me and my girlfriend will be in Barcelona from the 15th of February. I was wondering if you could help us become members of Club Verde, Senzi or K-lite


    1. Hi Alan;

      I am not currently a member of any of those clubs, but it’s a possibility that we could add one or two of them before your arrival. Just email me the day before you arrive and we’ll see what the possibilities are. 420 and Dragon are very similar to what you’re looking for, and we can get you in to both of those clubs no problem. But either way, let’s talk again when you’re closer to arriving in BCN. -RUss

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